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Pests come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. Today, we will discuss how to get rid of the flying variety of annoying creatures that can harm you and your home. This idea guide features tips on getting rid of wasps, woodpeckers, and cluster flies. It is not only informative, but will also provide you with effective solutions for your pest problems. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, the solutions we offer here include both the prevention and the cure. 

We hope this idea guide will help you win the war over wasps, woodpeckers, and cluster flies. Remember that to win any fight, you need to get to know your enemies first, so this article will inform you of the likes and dislikes of these pests and how to go about getting rid of them. Let's browse through these tips shall we? 


The best way to get rid of wasps is to destroy the nest, but finding the nest can be quite tricky. One good tip to find the wasps' nests is to observe their movements closely. This way you can find out which wall of your house the wasps are nesting in. One solution like in this picture is, to cover the windows with a screen so they do not enter the home in the first place.

When you find the nest, carefully spray it with an insecticide that's made specifically for killing bees and wasps. Make sure you protect your face and the rest of your skin before you spray as you will be in close contact with the wasps and you should guard yourself against stings.The best time for your mission to spray the wasps to death is at night when the bees are less active and inside the nest.

Be aware that these insects can be extremely aggressive

Keep in mind that wasps can be very aggressive, especially when they're home is under attack. Getting stung by wasps is not only very painful, but can also cause severe reactions if you're allergic. If you still need another reason to get rid of wasps, just imagine balancing on top of a ladder and fighting a storm of wasps!

If the location of the nest is hard for you to reach, it's best to have the nest professionally removed. However, if you decide to spray the nest yourself, remember to protect yourself properly against stings.


Woodpeckers can destroy your house if you're not careful. They usually attack wooden shingles in the house. If you don't notice fast enough, they will soon put a hole in your roof or siding. Keep in mind that some countries have laws to protects woodpeckers which means it would be breaking the law to harm them, so don't use a pellet gun. 

If you're wondering why the woodpeckers are making holes in your shingles, it's because they're pecking to mark their territory or looking for food. It's a shame there's no simple way to get rid of them. Your best option is to harass the birds until they leave.


The best solution for your woodpecker problem is to protect your wooden shingles with sheet metal to prevent the birds from attacking the areas affected. Another good tip is to hang mirrors or CDs nearby or tuck it under the row of shingles. This will help keep the woodpeckers away as reflections and shiny things tend to scare them. If this method doesn't work, or the woodpeckers get used to the idea, then try persistently shooing them away with a broom every time you see or hear them. The birds will eventually go somewhere else. 

The lovely bathroom in pink and white pictured here is photographed by Emilio Rescigno—Fotografia Immobiliare, photographers based in Albisola Superiore, Italy. 

Cluster fly

Cluster flies have yellow hairs on their abdomens and are about 5/16 inches long.The most important thing you should know about them is that they're attracted to light and warmth. Cluster flies will usually swarm around the upper windows of your house, where the sun is strongest, hence they are often known as attic flies. 

They come into your house because they want a warm place, rather than food to eat. The most common way the flies get into the house is usually through small cracks in windows, doors, and siding. If you need to get new windows or doors, browse through window and door designs here on homify

The best time to stop cluster flies

The best time to stop cluster flies is before they come indoors. Prevent them from getting into your house by sealing all cracks around the foundation, siding, exterior trim and other potential entry points. Weather stripping should be replaced as necessary to seal around doors and windows. If caulking the cracks doesn't work, try spraying an insecticide formulated for flies around the outside of your doors and windows, eaves, and cracks in the siding.

After trying all of the above and you still have a large number of cluster flies coming into your house, then the only effective way to get rid of them is an insecticide suitable for use indoors. You may want to consider calling a professional exterminator to handle the problem if it gets complicated. 

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Did you find this idea guide on how to get rid of pests helpful? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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