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Civilization began with the invention of fire. Apart from cooking and extracting warmth and comfort from it, fire was also used to illuminate the space in dark. But then one fine day electricity was invented and world was illuminated by electrical lights and bulbs. However, by then human being were in love with the warmth and fragrance of candles whose flicker astonishingly had the power to make environment romantic. From necessity for illumination to attractive ornamental necessity in our home décor, candles have travelled a lot but still hold an imperative position in our home. Candles now are used as decorative piece which burns to make the atmosphere fragrant and pure. Stick, floating, decorative or scented candles; it just burns to change the mood of your home.

Before you dive to look at different ideas of decorating home with candles, let us first learn to craft candles in your home. Try it and you will feel that even making a candle of your own is therapeutic. Let’s experience it!

​Make your own attractive candles

Explore and then embrace this new hobby of candle making which is a creative way to express you along with soothing your mind and soul. Here’s the list of materials you will need followed by steps to make candles at home:

Materials required:

Enamelled pan

Pan with water for the water bath

Moulds (you can buy it or be creative and explore your home to make the best out of waste, like boxes of milk or juice, cleaned and cut in half)

Water based dye

Wooden spoon

Paraffin handcrafted wicks


Paraffin in bar

Fragrance of your choice

Materials for decoration

Procedure for making candle

Prepare the mould which will hold and give shape to the candle. If you are using milk carton or juice boxes, wash it thoroughly and then dry it completely before using it as mould.

Wrap a piece of wick in the middle of the pencil and place it over the box horizontally so that the wick hangs down vertically from the top touching the bottom of the box. Wick should remain so till the paraffin is poured into the box.

Pour water in a pan and heat it. When water starts to boil, make small pieces of paraffin wax, place it in the enamelled pan and keep it above the boiling water. Paraffin will melt in the water bath. Remember… it should not be kept over direct heat. Paraffin in highly inflammable and will catch fire when temperature reaches above 190° C.

Stir continuously till the paraffin melts to become liquid. Turn off the heat and stir more to finish melting.

Add a few drops (3-5%) of fragrance of your choice into the liquid paraffin and mix. Don’t take too long in mixing it since the wax will start solidifying quickly. You really need to be fast with the procedure.

Gentle pour the paraffin into the mould. Wait it to solidify before removing the pencil from the wick.

Let the paraffin cool down completely and take the shape of the mould before you remove it from the mould.

Decorate the candle the way you want and be proud of your creation and creativity.

It is advisable to use candle stand for candles since the melting wax can spoil the surface where it is burned. Check out beautiful candles and stands for your candles here.

​1. Elegant cage of glass

Amazing crystal glass will make the flicker of candle brighter and shinier and bring in a mesmerizing charm into the space. Its candle decorating the stand or candle stand enhancing the beauty of the humble candle; whatever it is, it will surely become a statement piece adorning the space.

Simple clear glass holding coloured candles

2. Metal and glass stand to decorate the candle

Piousness of the environment adorning the beautiful picture of Buddha is further enhanced by an elegant candle stand made of metal and coloured glass, holding a candle within. It will ignite to spread fragrance and purity into the atmosphere.

​3. Reflective refraction

The beauty of humble and simple candles is magnified by reflecting its light from behind. Shade and shadow created on the wall behind and above is stunning. This metal stand with brass plate fixed on the wall is innovatively amazing.

4. Chandelier with burning LED candles

It’s a modern twist to the traditional chandelier used in the bygone era. Once upon a time this type of chandelier was lighted by real candles but now the candles are replaced by LED bulbs imitating the shape of candle but with an antique charm.

5. Cuddled together

Different sizes of candles are all cuddled up together on a tray, sometimes beauty lies in simplicity. Looks surely matter but sometimes the fragrance is mesmerizing.

6. Decorating for the fine dining experience

Together with flower vase, the white candles on black metal stands are decorative element on the dining table preparing it for a romantic candle light dinner right at the comfort of your own dining table.

​7. Traditional with colonial charm

Very traditional long stick of candles is made special by placing it on brass stand adding a colonial charm into the environment with humble candles.

8. Decorating water with candle

Water and fire peacefully co-existing together! It’s a simple way to create a different environment by playing with the contrasting character. Just choose perfect floating candles and let them float on bowl full of water decorating the space and creating a peaceful environment.

Floating candles for the outdoors

9. Adding variety through simplicity

Antique look of brass stand with three floral motifs each holding candles and modern glass candle stand in blue in two different contrasting sizes; variety is the essence of life and is beautiful.

​10. Flicker on the wall

Disciplined arrangement on the wall and bright candles burning to illuminate the beauty of it with its flicker; the elegance and feel of the space would not have been the same if modern lamps were used instead of candles.

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Diwali or no diwali, are you ready to lighten up your home and celebrate diwali everyday?We are waiting to hear from you.

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