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6 easy steps to give your living room a brand new look

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The living room is one of the first places of your home that welcomes a guest. As such, each of us tries our best to incorporate the latest décor styles while designing our living room. However, with décor trends changing every couple of months; we do get bored with the same old look of our living room and start looking for ideas to redesign it.

But most of the time we are not too keen about lightening our pockets, and hence get caught in the dilemma of how to proceed with the redesigning. If you too are someone who wants to redesign your living room, but are not sure of the path; then you have come to the perfect place. We are about to dissect the various intricacies involved in redesigning your living room without letting you spend a fortune. Continue reading for some excellent tips and tricks which will help you completely transform your living room in a jiffy.

Change the wall colour for a fresh look

Changing the colour of the walls of your living room is one of the simplest ways of changing the look of your home. Try to redesign your living room with newer colour combinations. If your living room was painted in bold shades, opt for neutral tones and vice versa. Just remember the golden rule of decorating any space – use shades from the same colour family and you are good to go.

Give your imagination a free run and use colours from the colour wheel to add your personal touch to your living room. If you have the budget, you can even experiment with textured walls. Textured walls not only look great, but they also add character to your living room. Choose from classic stone wall textures or textured wall tiles or wooden panels to completely revamp your living room. Get inspired by this vibrant orange living space by V9- The Interior Studio

The magic of lighting

The lighting of your living room is also of extreme importance and should be high on your to-do list when planning a revamp of your living room. The lighting industry has made rapid progress since the last time you had designed your living room, and thus the sheer variety of lights available in the market today is going to surprise you.

Choose from the numerous ambient, accent, decorative and task lighting that the market has on offer. Highlight that newly textured wall by installing accent lighting in that area or add a warm glow to your living room by making suitable use of chandeliers, wall mounted fixtures and lamps.

You can even hunt for an old world, ornate lamp shade and use it for decorative lighting and a fashion statement. For all those of you who like to snuggle in the couch and read or have a dedicated corner in your living room for work; make use of task lighting such as direct light over the desk for convenience as well as aesthetics, and give your living room a face-lift.

Don’t let space go to waste

This is another simple yet effective way to give your living room a fresh look. Make the most of the rest space of your living room and incorporate it in the overall room. Try making a small reading corner with a book shelf there, or put in a comfy relaxation couch, or even create a small work station in a corner. However remember to blend the décor of this part of the living area with the rest of the room. Also avoid cluttering your living room rest space for the best effect.

A fancy coffee table can do wonders

Refurbish your living room by simply changing or modifying your existing coffee table. You will be amazed to see the effect that this simple change in just one element will bring to your living room. If you can change your coffee table, then invest in something which is obviously different from the one you are currently using. However keep in mind to not buy a huge one for a small living room.

Rather, invest in an ottoman which can double up as a coffee table and spruce up your small living room. You can even get a custom built ottoman that has storage within it for maximum benefit. If you do not want to invest in an ottoman, buy a table which has a distinct character and complements your furnishings and wall colours. You could even recycle old trunks, old windows or doors to serve as your coffee table. It will be a conversation starter!

Creative accessories for visual interest

Changing accessories is one of the simplest ways of refurbishing your living room. Not only is this method easy, but it also helps you to recycle your stuff. You can bring that exotic lamp you had got for your study into your living room and add to the charm of the space. Or you can scour the flea market or upscale shops and buy some extremely fascinating decor items that will perfectly blend with the general appearance of your living room.

The scope with accessories is unlimited and you can experiment with them to give your living room a face-lift. Make use of mirrors mounted on walls or that beautiful painting that caught your fancy and cost you a bomb or even little souvenirs your friends and family gifted you, to add a personal touch to your living room.

Plants are always welcome

Bring nature inside your living room and let the greenery give your living room a rejuvenating look. Plants fulfil enormous possibilities when they adorn your home and act as indoor air purifiers, apart from adding an earthy touch to your living room. Create your own mini garden by hanging potted plants from the ceiling or make them the centre of attraction in that comfy corner of your living room. You could even create a mini Zen courtyard in a dedicated corner of your living area if space permits.

Redesigning your living room is no mean task, but it is no rocket science either.  Keep the above mentioned tips in mind and surprise your family and friends at your next party. Here is another ideabook to inspire you further – Make a living room feel warm and cosy.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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