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Make your couch the star of your living room!

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Different families exhibit varied décor styles in their homes; yet all of them face the same problem sooner or later. The choice of a suitable couch is one that nags them every time they open a décor magazine, or make rounds of décor and furniture stores. “Which couch should I choose for the living room?” is an eternal question.

The living room couch is a classic fixture that dictates the comfort quotient of a home. It is that piece of furniture that beckons you to sink in, first thing after a hard day at work, or a day spent shopping, or even with a book and mug of hot chocolate over the weekend. And if nothing else, it invites you to vegetate in front of the TV and enjoy hours of unadulterated fun when friends come over.

The choice of your living room couch, needless to say, is one that requires lots of thinking and careful consideration. Your lifestyle and your personal sense of comfort come into play when choosing the right couch. A family may need a sectional, whereas a bachelor pad can do with a cool three seater and a quirky chair to match. Read on to decode which couch could be the star of your living room.

A Surprising Colour

There’s nothing like injecting your space with a dose of fun and a surprise element! For instance, let your imagination run wild with a maroon couch in the middle of a chrome and glass living room, surrounded by flushed surfaces for that industrial yet chic effect. Accessorise with beige and maroon cushions and wall graphics for a quick dose of freshness. A couch with a surprising colour can add oodles of style to your space as long as you ensure that the structure of the couch is not an overwhelming one, but one simple elegant piece.

Retro Style

Sink into a couch that’s borrowed straight from that 70s show. Take on one that is upholstered with a fabric donning huge polka dots or stripes in colours that pop. This couch can be a curved wonder with two different colours for the lower and upper parts of the couch. The armrests can be contoured affairs that touch the floor. Pretty leaf green or orange cushions and throw pillows add to the retro style. So pick a couch that is done up in retro style and choose your art work and other accents to match it. Get inspired by this living space designed by Marchettibonetti, architects from Brazil.

Interesting Pattern

A graphic design on the upholstery or a different style with swirls of foam fitted into unique contours can do wonders to your design quotient. Use an interesting pattern to up the style stakes – but make sure that this piece dominates the room with a play of other subtle pieces for seating. Leaf like patterns for the upholstery or an abstract design in varied colours for each section of the couch – that’s the fun factor we are talking about! Interesting patterns can also be rendered with the help of solid wood or even plywood, shaped and carved to exude style!

In Modern Style

Think straight lines, low backed sections and a cool hued yet heavy fabric – that’s a couch in a modern style. A linear design gives you the leeway to play around to your heart’s content as far as the rest of the design elements go – we’re talking of throw pillows, candle stands, vases, potted plants, even a fireplace with panels of classy polished wood! 

Modern patterns and designs ensure that you have a stripped look that actually acts as a canvas in case you have a change of heart and decide to add an eclectic edge to your modern décor scheme. A modern couch would typically be in a neutral hue with straight, simple lines and a low back. Low seating is also an excellent example of modern style couches.

Minimalistic Style

If you have a typical loft like or warehouse style home that has a glass wall along one side and an exposed brick wall on the other end, then you may want to invest in a minimalistic style for your couch and the overall décor. Bring home a couch with low ground clearance and choose a single solid shade for the upholstery. Wooden couches with simple lines would be best suited for the minimalistic style. Try options in a light polish for that statement making minimalistic look.

Surprising Upholstery

Use some surprising upholstery to make a fashion statement in the décor department. Team up fabrics and create a dual role on the same couch, or go the patchwork way by mixing and matching bits to create pretty seats for a wooden couch. Cane and wicker sofas can also enjoy a touch of quirk with leafy prints and solid coloured cushions. Take a break from the standard staid upholstery, and take style to a whole new level. Think eclectic and bring fabrics like beige burlap and purple velvet together for a show stopping looks. Create a custom look that speaks volumes of your personality and let it do all the talking!

While the perfect couch is one that brings out the best in the style that abounds in your home, it is also important to keep comfort as the upper most consideration when choosing the perfect piece. The living room couch is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room – this pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the décor scheme. So choose wisely.

Also, it is imperative to keep an eye on versatility. A versatile piece of furniture will see you through various moods, and more importantly, various phases of life. Choose a piece that does not merely suit your current status and frame of mind, but can also be accommodated in your future plans. Finally, size matters too, so don’t forget to bring out a measuring tape and check out the basic dimensions of the living room where you are planning to place the couch. Happy couch hunting!

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