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Tips and tricks for storing wine at home

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For wine connoisseurs around the world, wine storage at home is a major challenge. You may like to buy wine with an aim of maturing and then consuming them or you may be amongst those who invest in a bottle or two of wine, drink a few sips with your loved ones and then worry about how to store the rest of the bottle at your home so that it does not get spoiled. Well, worry not. We are here to rescue all you folks and help you take care of every aspect of wine storage at home so that the next time you take out that bottle of wine to enjoy, you will simply relish it. So without any further ado, let us get started on some tips on art of life and wine storage to make your life simpler and enjoyable.

Go for electric wine cellars in modern apartments

If you do not have a room to earmark for wine storage, display and tasting, then don’t fret. We have a solution for that too. Electric wine cellars have been made just for such situations. Invest in an electric wine cellar from a decent brand and see your wine age perfectly without any worry.

These electric wine cellars have cold wall systems which can cool as well as heat depending on the surrounding temperature. They not only control temperature fluctuations, but also control the humidity. You can choose to buy electric wine cellars with or without doors. Just keep in mind to set the temperature between 15 degree Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius.

Use the traditional and best option: A classic wine cellar

Since heat, sunlight, humidity and vibrations tend to spoil wine faster; it is ideal to keep your wine in a place which avoids all the above mentioned conditions. A classic wine cellar, preferably underground, thus becomes the perfect place to store your wine without letting it get spoiled. The dark under earth atmosphere and approximately 12 degree centigrade temperature of most classical wine cellars serve as perfect wine storage conditions.

In fact, wine has since centuries been stored under the earth in various regions around the world – from Roman catacombs to French wine caves. Even today, a classic wine cellar is the most preferred wine storage method by wine producers. And for all those of you who do not have a classic wine cellar under your house, the basement can serve as a cellar too. Just be careful to control the temperature; switch off the light and control heat and vibration, and wine storage at home will become a cake walk for you. Keep in mind to control the humidity of your wine cellar and keep it in between 60-80%.

A modern option – create a room to enjoy your wine

With space crunch and the absence of conventional wine cellars in our homes, wine connoisseurs turned to alternatives and settled on a modern, more comfortable option for storing their wines. They earmarked a room in their homes for wine storage and even made a few comfortable seating arrangements in the room so as to enjoy their wine with family and friends. Not only do these rooms serve the purpose of wine storage but also serve as a wine display area – thus showcasing the elegant taste of the home owner. The room is also used for wine tasting.

So select a room in your house and arrange it according to your wish, and start storing your wine in wine racks or electric wine cellars or even wine coolers. Take a hint from this smart wine cellar room designed by Viterbo Interior Design, interior landscape designers from Portugal.

Why not store your wine in sight of all?

Do not want to invest in an electric wine cellar? Well then you can proudly display your collection of wine in a corner of your living room. Design a corner specifically for wine display and let your wine collection become the conversation starter amongst friends and family. Invest in a small wine cooler or wine fridge or refurnish an old wooden cupboard into a wine rack. The choice is all yours.

Get as creative as you want and make your wine collection the centre of attraction of your living room. However, keep in mind to choose a dark, cool corner which has minimum vibrations. If you feel that your chosen corner is warm enough, then you can get a small cooling unit installed to keep the temperature down.

Use a wine rack in your kitchen, but away from a hot and sunny place

Living in a very small home or a home filled with children running around? Wine storage in such a situation can become challenging. But worry not; we have a tip for you in this situation too. Invest in a wine rack and place it on your kitchen counter or beside the sink countertop. Never ever think of keeping your wine in the kitchen refrigerator or on top of the refrigerator (which has too many vibrations per day). Also keep your wine bottle or wine rack away from your cook top to avoid minimum effect of the kitchen heat.

Serve your wine in a decanter if it is young

13 / 60 / 104 Decanter, ROKOS ROKOS Rooms

Decanting wine is an extremely important step of enjoying your wine. Not only does it help separate any sediment formed from the wine, but it also helps to enhance the flavor and aroma of a wine. Hence, a decanter is mostly used when drinking wine and especially if the wine is young and has not had time to age. You can decant young wines in an hour or so before drinking, and pour it into glasses in front of your guests. So, decant your wine for the best effect.

Now that you know of some tips on wine storage at home, what are you waiting for? Grab those bottles you have been eyeing for long and start your own wine collection. For more ideas, take a look at this ideabook – 5 wine cellars for everyone.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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