6 DIY ideas to decorate your boring balcony

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Do you live in a cramped apartment with a tiny balcony, but have green hands and a fetish for fresh air? Well then you must love spending time in your balcony. However, if your balcony is a forgotten old space with just a couple of potted plants and some discarded old chairs it's time to wake up! Don't leave your balcony as an unwelcome space in your home when you can easily transform it into your haven of peace. Here are 6 simple DIY ideas to decorate your boring balcony and turn it into a beautiful space.

Water based polyurethane outdoor rug

A balcony often looks boring because of a plain concrete or monochrome tiled floor. You can transform your balcony into a beautiful space by covering your boring old floor with water based polyurethane strips and turn into an outdoor rug, or even make it look like grass if you opt for it in a green colour like here. You can even cover certain portions of the balcony with pebbles or strips of wood or pallet to give it an outdoor patio feel.

Must have cushioned bench

The first thing you need to make your balcony a more welcoming and relaxing space is a nice comfortable place to sit. While wooden or wrought iron chairs look nice, they aren't that comfortable to sit on. So opt for a cushioned bench with a metal or wooden frame, like the one here designed by NATURAL FIBRES EXPORT from Jaipur and turn your balcony into your retreat where you can lounge with a book or a hot cup of tea.

Vertical gardening—Shelves for plants

A simple way to make a balcony more cheerful is to keep a lot plants and flowers. But if you have very little space and are wondering how you can keep a lot of plants in your tiny balcony, don't worry. You can go around this problem by trying vertical gardening. In lay man's terms that means opting for shelves on your balcony walls and keeping a lot more plants than you could have kept on the floor. You can even turn an old open shoe rack or bookshelf into a vertical plant holder. This will also leave more room for you to walk around in your balcony.

Hanging plants

Another simple way to save space and keep more plants in your balcony is to hang them. You can hang conventional potted creepers like ivy and money plant in bright colourful pots, or go for something different like a bunch of potted plants in a white birdcage like here. You can even hang potted plants with hooks on old clothes hangers and paint these hangers in bright colours like pink, red or yellow to make your balcony look more stunning.

Pallet gardening

Another simple trick to decorate your balcony innovatively is to use pallet pieces and use them for gardening. A pallet is a framework of unpolished crude wood like a box or crate that is used for carrying things. If you have just moved to a new home, or have some left over crates from your last shift, don't discard them. Reuse them as a rustic plant holder in your tiny balcony.

Block it from your neighbour's eyes

One of the reasons one often can't sit in one's balcony even if it has a beautiful view, is because of an annoying peeping tom or nosey neighbour next door. A simple way to fix this is to block your balcony from your neighbour's eyes with a metal or wooden divider like the one here designed by STUDIO EARTHBOX in Gurgaon. You can turn this divider into a plant holder by attaching shelves to it. You can also use Venetian blinds or Roman shades to get more privacy in your balcony. If you are looking to dress not just your balcony but also your windows, here are 6 interesting ideas.

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