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Refresh your indoor with these 8 green plants


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Does your house have a history of being hostile to the indoor plants you have brought with love to care to spread happiness inside your home? Are you the one who is scared to bring plants home because of the fear of killing a flourishing life? The reason of the death may be many but as usual we at Homify have solution for all your problems and apprehensions. The plants could have died of under care or over care in the form of excess watering and fertilizers; or may be the selection of plant was just not right. So today we have brought for you a list of plants which have a high survival rate even in neglected condition. In fact you will really have to work hard to kill them. Jokes apart… these plants in addition to greenery also make the environment of your home healthy because of the hidden qualities. Let’s dive in to know more about the plants you can fearlessly bring home. Have a look!

​1. Auspicious Tulsi or Holy Basil

Traditional Lotus Sculpture:  Artwork by VERVE GROUP

Traditional Lotus Sculpture


Tulsi or basil is a part of every Indian household since it is considered to be an auspicious plant. This plant is aromatic and has immense medicinal benefits hidden in it. It is a natural antibiotic and the juice of its leaves is given in common cough and cold. Tulsi also has the power to counter the toxic effect of heavy metals, chemicals and radiations. It also acts as natural mosquito repellent. Traditionally Tulsi is grown in the courtyard or open areas where it gets moderate sunlight. We also offer water to Tulsi as part of ritual hence watering it daily.

However, while offering water use small utensil as moist soil if best for the plant. Avoid over-watering it. Still if you find that the plant is dying or not growing well, change its place and put it somewhere it can get enough sunlight and cut down on watering.

2. Health from Aloe Vera

 Garden  by sihirlipeyzaj

sihirli peyzaj


The beauty of this nature’s own beauty plant is that it is succulent plant and can grow and thrive happily with minimum care. Aloe Vera is widely used for its medicinal properties, dietary supplements and in and as natural skin care and cosmetics. It grows best in indirect sunlight and just moist soil. It doesn’t require much water but the soil should be kept moist. You may use spoon to water the plant and keep the soil moist.

 However, if you find that the leaves are becoming lifeless start watering it daily but again just enough water to keep the soil moist and expose it only to the morning or evening sun. Keep it indoor when the sun is harsh and don’t over water it. Over-watering may rot the roots and harsh sun will suck the life out of the plant.

3. Wealthy Money plant

This tropical evergreen climber can climb any wall, grow is any soil condition, can tolerate infrequent watering and neglect; still it can survive. This is the reason for which it has earned the name of Devil’s vine. Vastu Shastra considers it an auspicious plant and is believed to bring home prosperity. However, the leaves of the plant can be poisonous for pets if eaten.

 This plant will thrive well in neglected condition too but if you find leaves turning pale and yellow it means that the plant is getting too much of water. Reduce watering and just moist the soil and move the plants to shady area of the home. Prune the plants regularly and remove the decayed leaves to keep the greenery alive.

4. Luck from Lucky Bamboo

 Interior landscaping by Perfect Plants Ltd
Perfect Plants Ltd

Lucky Bamboo—Feng Shui for the home!

Perfect Plants Ltd

With a hope to bring in luck into the home, the popularity of Lucky bamboo has grown immensely in modern homes. It’s available in a container filled with water or moist soil and can be grown in the same container. In the indoor of your home, away from direct sunlight in water or soil, Lucky bamboo will flourish. It is advisable to use distilled or rain water for watering the plant. It will grow well in it. If the plant is growing in water, remember to change the water regularly for the healthy growth of the plant.

However, if you find leaves turning yellow or drying out, prune it and change the water of the container. If growing in soil, check the soil and if it is dry make it moist and keep moist till the plant becomes green and lively again.

5. Adaptive Palm

Indoor Landscape:  Garden by Hasta architects
Hasta architects

Indoor Landscape

Hasta architects

Though found in abundance in coastal area, tough palm trees can adapt and grow in any climatic condition. The beautiful shape and ornamental appeal make the variety of palms a preferred indoor plant which most of us want to have in our home. It can thrive and grow well in low sunlight and less water. Palms also absorbs toxin from home atmosphere.

Like any other indoor plants, over watering or too much of sunlight will harm the palm plants. But then under watering will dry it out. Keep the soil moist with just the right amount of water. If you find spots on the leaves, switch over to distilled water and keep the plant away from direct sunlight.

​6. Native Song if India

Glastres Greens:  Garden by Glastres Greens
Glastres Greens

Glastres Greens

Glastres Greens

Our very own Indian plant doesn’t require much of your attention to grow and thrive in your home. Just remember to moist the soil and keep it away from harshness of direct sunlight. Apart from having a beautiful impact in the indoor of your house, the presence of this plant also eliminate impurities from air especially formaldehyde and trichlorotoluene.

The leaves of the plant will droop or drop if the soil is wet and damp. Reduce the watering and let the soil dry out. Instead of pouring water, sprinkle water in small amount. Also check whether the pot draining well or retaining water.

7. Purity of Peace Lily

This beautiful flowering plant decorates the inside of the home with its fresh fragrance and charisma. In addition to its attractiveness, this plant also makes the home free of air pollutants. Be miser with sunlight and water and it will flourish well. However, this plant may cause allergic reaction to pets, keep them away from it.

Peace Lily loves to follow routine. So be specific with its caring rituals. Keep it away from direct sunlight and water only when required, i.e. when the soil is dry and craving for water.

8. Succulent snake plant

Succulent grows well in low water and light condition. Snake plant is a succulent so it can easily survive in indoor condition with no direct sunlight but with less water. Just pour enough water to moisten the soil and don’t over water the pot no matter how well-drained it is. Without any worry you can leave the snake plant without water for a week in summers and two weeks in winters. Research has also proved that snake plant has the power to absorb toxins from air, so it can be natural air purifier of your home.

Once again if the plant is decaying it is simply because of your over pouring love in the form of water. Stop it immediately and give water only when needed.

Know more about succulent plants and how to take care of it: Succulent plants: how to take care of it and decorate the home with it

Are you planning to bring these no-demanding plants home? Please leave you answer in the comment section.
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