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Fed up? This is how you avoid bad odour from the trash can

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Nobody expects the trash at home can to smell like roses, but it isn't very nice when it stinks up the whole room. No matter how often you try to empty the trash can, do you find that it still emits a foul odour? This can get quite annoying and disrupt the peace at home. So believe us, it's worth your time to sit down and read this article because it's going to give you a lot of peace of mind in the future. A better smelling trash can is just a few paragraphs away, so keep calm and keep reading. 

This idea guide features six tips on how to avoid bad odour from the trash can. We promise you that by the end of this article, you will be very well informed and able to solve your household problem easily. Let's browse through these ideas and find out shall we? 

Allot a specific place for the thrash cans

One way you can get rid off the stink from the trash can is to organize and separate your trash properly, and empty them more often. All food cans should be emptied out completely when you throw them away. Any food waste should go in a separate bin, which is to be emptied out every other day. This is a good chance to start recycling since you're going to be separating trash anyway. 

Put newspaper inside

48 litre butterfly sensor bin simplehuman KitchenElectronics

48 litre butterfly sensor bin


Don't you just hate it when you take out the garbage and you get nasty, stinky garbage juice dripping all over the place? This can be easily avoided by placing some newspaper as a lining for the bin. The newspapers will absorb the liquid from the garbage, and the trash doesn't smell as bad when it's not so wet. 

The modern bin pictured here can contain 48 liters of rubbish and has a sensitive butterfly sensor that will be activated and open up to allow you to drop garbage into it as soon as you hover your hands above it. 

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Use natron, coffee, or vinegar

Use natron, coffee, or vinegar to get rid off the stink from the trash can. Natron is a sodium carbonate often used as a cleansing agent, or for ceramic pastes, but it can also be used to remove bad odours. Just dump some natron, coffee grinds, or a spoon of vinegar into your rubbish bin to reduce the odour. If you like the smell of coffee, then go with the coffee method as it has quite a strong smell that can easily overpower the smell of garbage. These methods also work for a stinky fridge. 

Bio filter

Store bought bio filters that reduce bad odour are quite efficient as well. Sometimes they are made of charcoal, or bamboo charcoal. They are available in all kinds of sizes. In fact they even have special ones that will fit into your shoes. You can also get deodorized garbage bags or simply put an air freshener close to the trash can.

We strongly recommend using only trash cans that can be closed properly, unless it's just meant for paper and office trash. While you're trying to solve your odour problem, you might as well do a good deed and recycle. Get the children to do it to earn some extra money from recycling tin cans. 

Disadvantages of trash deodorant

There are many types of trash deodorant available on the market. You can get something to put inside the bin or even get deodorized garbage bags. The main disadvantage of trash deodorant though is that you cannot use it for compost if you're planting food to eat as it may have traces of harmful chemicals. 

Another alternative is to simply put an air freshener close to the trash can. However, if you have curious pets that want to eat everything, you should be careful that the deodorizers are out of reach. 

Place in the shade

Placing the trash can in the shade can help to reduce the bad odour. When garbage gets heated up, it tends to smell even worse and more strongly, so place the rubbish bins in a cool, dark place if possible. 

Another tip is to have bright coloured bins instead of black ones so that they reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Remember that the trash can in the bathroom also needs to be emptied out often as it can get wet. It's best to find a dry place for the rubbish in the bathroom. 

We hope this idea guide has been helpful to you. For more inspiration and ideas, have a look at a luxurious villa by the sea in Anjuna, Goa. 

Do you have any other tips to avoid bad odour from the trash can? Let us know in the comments section below. 
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