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10 tips to keep alive the sparkle of mirrored furniture

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Home furnishing and furniture has evolved with time. From brawny wooden furniture with elaborate carvings to sophisticated shine of the mirror for sleek and contemporary look; the change is the demand of the time. Mirror in the home makes it feel spacious with the reflection and illusion it creates. Its humble presence enhances the elegance of the space and doubles up the beauty quotient of the room. 

The tips and tricks of adopting mirror in your modern home can best be done under professional guidance. They know how to use the mirror to the advantage without making it look crowded and in the process stylishly transform the concrete home into a mirrored marvel.

However, we should also be aware of what exactly we want and then how to maintain the shine and glow of the mirrored furniture so that it last longer. So today we have brought for you some amazing ideas of installing mirror furniture in your home. We also have brought tips for the maintenance, organization and preservation of the sophisticated and delicate mirrored furniture. Have a look!

​1. The advantages of mirrored furniture

The mirrored furniture comes with its advantages. The first thing is its economy and the elegance it brings into space in an inexpensive way.

Mirrored furniture also increases the brightness of the room since it reflects light and image to make even the shady corners of the room bright and visible.

The presence of large mirror on the wall creates an illusion of larger space and makes the small space look big. In fact it is the simplest hack used by designers to make the small space look big.

However, the most unrivaled advantage of mirror in the home décor is the classy sophistication it brings into the space and changes the entire environment of the room. Place it as a large piece or a combination of small pieces or even in the nightstand or just a coffee table top; the mere presence of it will make the space contemporary and chic.

​2. Maintenance of the mirror furniture

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The most attractive piece of furniture attracts maximum attention and hence needs to be spic and span all the time. Mirrored furniture will surely be that special furniture which will always reflect light to grab all the attention. Apart from cleaning, we also need techniques to keep its shine intact for long.

To clean it we only need a bunch of simple things- a piece of cotton cloth which doesn’t shed the lint, alcohol, vinegar, soft detergent, paper towel and water. Mix one part each of vinegar and alcohol in ten parts of water in a spray bottle. Add two drops of soft detergent in it and voila the cleaning agent is ready to use.

Just spray the mixture over the surface of the furniture and wipe with the clean cloth. Remember to wipe in one direction only. Now remove the remaining stains and dry it out with paper towel. It will be sparkling clean.

Beware and never use abrasive clothes and harsh detergent in mirrored furniture. It will spoil the shine.

​3. Cautions to keep in mind with mirrored furniture

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Mr. Ram's Residence


We surely don’t like broken mirror and are scared to clean one if accidentally broken. So the care of it becomes our priority to avoid any accidental bumping and breaking of it. If the furniture is small avoid placing it in places where it will interfere in movement. Any bump can easily damage the glass. If a large mirror is fixed on a wall or cabinet door, then make sure that no heavy or sharp object is placed near it to avoid any accidents. Constant cleaning of mirror furniture is prerequisite as any stain is visible easily on it. However, make sure that it is cleaned with soft clothes and cleaning agents to avoid any damage to it.

​4. Use of mirror in and as furniture

Undoubtedly mirrored furniture adds a modern touch in the décor of the home and augments the exquisiteness of the space. There are many ways in which you can install the shiny mirror in your home. Here are the three examples for you:

​Mirror table amidst mirrored wall

It’s quite common to have glass top in centre tables, coffee tables or even dining table. If the ordinary glass top is replaced by mirrored glass, the reflection of beautiful space will double up. And if the wall surrounding the table is covered with mosaic of mirrors, the beauty of the space will certainly increase manifold times.

​Mirror on the cabinet

Dressing table in a corner of the bedroom is a tradition, but a mirrored cabinet is modern and trendy. Along with light it reflects the décor of the room and makes it look spacious and stylish. Now all you need to do is pick a look and double its beauty quotient.

​Mirrored dresser

It’s luxurious, charming and undoubtedly a stunning attraction no matter wherever it is placed. Though it looks expensive and difficult to create but the fact is that it basically a few pieces of mirror strategically placed and glued together to assemble this shiny piece of furniture. This decorative piece of furniture can further be decorated with artefacts and its reflections

​Mirrored partition

Partitioning with mirror wall! It will surely be a dazzling way to grab the attention and make the room ultramodern with incredible visual illusion.

Get ideas to partition the space without wall: 12 Amazing ways to partition the space without the wall

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