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What tile pattern is right for you

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For almost every home, there will be a selection of tiles laid on the floor or on the wall. Tiles have the benefit of being hygienic, resistant, durable and more economical than most materials. This type of wall or floor covering is ideal for any room that will see spills happening here and there as well as in a room where water is present such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Since tiles have always been a favourite among decorating designs, they are available in a variety of types: from ceramic, glass to concrete tile. Tiles also come in a wide range of patterns and designs. With the array of choices available for tiles, there are surely tile designs for everyone. Sometimes a simple light tinted glass tile is the finishing touch that a room would need. On another note, nice splashes of colour on tiles can magically spruce up the entire outlook of the room.

The more colours, the merrier

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Much beauty can be found in the simplest of things. This applies to uniform patterns and materials that have one colour and one style. The current image is a good example of how a simple tile, that is of one colour and texture, can be brought to life when mixed with other colour tones. A lovely and easy on the eyes set of beige tiles haven been placed on the wall creating a colour backsplash that contrasts very well with the dark wooden tones of the shelves.. The end result is quite astounding because the rows of colours give depth to the room and provide a vibrant look for the kitchen they are in. This shows that mixing different colours can benefit the decor by adding a jolt of merriment to the room.

Tiling imagery

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The image shown here is of a tile design that would cater to a classic, country or romantic style. Lightly drawn images of trees of different shade intensities go along the idea of recreating a forest on the wall. There is the perspective of looking out into a forest where the lighter tinted trees would seem as the furthest and the darker tinted ones would be the closest. This kind of imagery is very relaxing and perfect for a room that normally sees a lot of activity in one day, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Tiles can present any kind of desired image if trees are not the preferred choice. For example, in a child's room, laying colourful tiles on the wall with images of planets and space crafts will be the perfect decorative element for that room. What is important is to choose and image that a person will relate to and that will make them feel at home.

Herringbone pattern

The classic and timeless style that is the herringbone, has a special place among the the patterns that tiles can be laid in. The everflowing zigzags give a lively touch to the room they are in, whether laid on the floor or the wall as shown here. This kind of pattern for laying tiles procures movement and a layered feel for the room. For the decor of the kitchen, the designers have chosen to recreate a colour intensity evolution where the darkest tone at the bottom is layered into a light tone and into an even lighter tone and so forth. This kind of colour combination will be beneficial for any room of the home because the wave-like movement of the tiles creates a vibrant atmosphere for the room it is in. The herringbone pattern can be used with one or many colours and still gives a stunning look.


Geometry is everywhere. It is in architecture, in furniture, in art and so much more. When it is used in designing and decorating a home, it can provide a multitude of delightful patterns and shapes that will revive the home. The image here is of a floor laid with triangular tiles. The overall look of this floor seems to give an extra dimensional element to the room. The triangular shapes provide a textured effect for the room which also gives it character. When opting for a geometrical shape of any kind it will be like thinking outside of the box because the final effect will be lively and full of movement. Octogonal or pentagonal shaped tiles are quite unique and original. Colours and patterns can be mixed and matched for a beautiful results as well.

Tile styles explain

The classic style of tile patterns have been used for a long time as a way to enrich the look of a room and give it a lively input. Some of the common tile patterns are known as: duquesa, fez, lucifer and kelim. The duquesa tile is usually hand painted concrete or ceramic tiles that, once assembled together on a wall, create a mesmerising image. The duquesa pattern is like having a plentiful field of flowers on the wall. As for the the fez pattern, it is based on a more geometrical approach that will be noticed once all the tiles are up. . It is usually of two main colours that, together,provide a lively decorative pattern on the wall. The lucifer tile pattern is mostly made of black and white tiles with a bold and twirling pattern in the tile. Once a few lucifer tiles have been laid together a striking design will pop out and jazz up the entire room. The kelim style consists of lines in a tile that can be straight, zigzagged, diagonal or any kind of angular direction. There is usually a dark and opaque colour on the background of the tile with the angular lines running across it.

Metallic and textured

When wanting to step away from the traditional tile types, there is a sleek and modern kind of tiles that are sure to transform the room they are laid in. That is metal tiles. The great advantage metal has is that, just like ceramic or concrete tiles, it can be tinted in any colour, it is hygienic, durable and waterproof. This modern approach for tile laying will have a cool futuristic look as shown in the image here. This different type of material for tiles promotes an intimate and inviting look for the bathroom. Another great bonus metal tiles have, is that theycan be engraved, carved and shaped into any desired pattern, this gives a wonderful textured and layered feel for the room once all the tiles are laid in. As shown in the picture, two types of tile patterns have been used, combined together to create a checkered effect. Metal tiles are an original way to decorate a room.

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