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We may enjoy our modern and fast paced lives with all our gadgets and technology around. However, most of us are still rustic by heart. Don't we love taking vacation in a quaint little village, simple, uncomplicated, full of natural beauty and something that slows down the pace of our lives instantly! Our roots and culture are our driving force and if that inspires you, it would be a good idea to bring in some rural charm into your modern city home. You can weave in rustic elements into your modern home designs to help you feel and experience the best of both worlds. Read on for some interesting ideas on how you can do just that.

Recycled furniture

Recycling is great, both for the environment around us as well as for showcasing your creativity in the best possible way. Recycled furniture add a nice rural touch to the home. You can get creative and come up with some really good hand made furniture for your house. Wood is a good material to play with when you want to create a rural effect and using recycled wooden furniture only helps in enhancing that further. You can get your DIY tools out and create nice pieces of recycled furniture as seen in this living room full of recycled wood.

If you are keen on using recycled wooden furniture for your home take a look at these ideas.

Pottery/ ceramic vases

Pots in clay, ceramic or wood have a nice rural charm by themselves. Add some colorful plants and place them in the right corners of your home to add a beautiful twist to your otherwise modern home. There are lots of options to choose from, right from shapes, sizes and colors. You can take your pick depending on the space available in your house. Ceramic pots or vases can also be placed just outside your house or in the porch to spread the theme outside as well. Plants add a soothing calm to your home and you can add that earthy appeal to your interiors by placing them in nice traditional pots.

Brick wall

There is a nice rustic appeal with exposed brick work. Try leaving the bricks without plaster and paint on either one or more walls in the room to give it a completely different look. You can always dress up such walls with picture frames or light fittings to make it look even more interesting. Village or country side homes are most likely to have brick walls that are not plastered and that has a charm of its own. You can achieve a nice rural effect in your modern home by deciding to bare those bricks. Your kitchen, study or archway in the living room could be good places to experiment with brick walls. Take a look for some interesting brick wall ideas.

Lime Washed out walls

There are millions of colours of paints available for your walls. But if you decide to go rural, a wall that is lime washed will do you good. The unfinished or incomplete look that it creates adds a very rustic appeal to your walls. This look can be used either for an entire room or maybe one wall in the room. The study in this picture has a good combination of brick walls and lime washed out walls, giving the whole room a rural charm.

Stone fixtures in the bathroom

Think rural and material like clay, wood and stone are the first to come to mind. Stone can be used very creatively to extend the rural theme even to your bathroom. You can opt for stone fixtures and fittings for your bathroom. Team it up with patchy paint for the walls and olden style taps to complete the rustic style. Go ahead and give your bathroom a makeover with the perfect blend of modern and rural styles.

Tulsi Courtyard

It is common to see the Tulsi plant (or Holy Basil) in every village home's courtyard. Most people living in apartments in the cities have to settle down for a smaller potted Tulsi plants that are kept in the balcony or verandah. If you have an outdoor garden it would be worth setting aside some space for a Tulsi plant. This will not only mean well for your family and you, buy will also hint at the rural theme you have chosen for your home. You could plant the Tulsi in a nice big stone or ceramic fixture for added effect.

Traditional utensils

Cooking utensils have also undergone a revolution of sorts over the years. From earthenware to ceramic non stick cookware, the journey has been a long one! However much you maybe a fan of modern day kitchen utensils or equipment, the traditional utensils still hold on to their charm—both in terms or appearance and functionality. It will be nice to revamp your kitchen cabinet and stock up on earthen, brass and other traditional utensils for cooking, storing and serving. You may even go for display hooks as shown here, for hanging the vessels. This will surely enhance the traditional or rural theme that you have adopted for your kitchen.

Have a look at this beautiful example of a home that is both modern and rustic. With a little thought you can help yourself transform your modern city home to a home that exudes a rural charm along with all modern amenities in place.

Share what your decor looks like with rural inspirations. We would love to see them.

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