6 ideas to transform your old bathroom into new

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The bathroom is one of the first places we look while booking a hotel room. However, bathrooms at home are sadly the most neglected space when it comes to interior design. This is inversely proportional to the amount of time we spend in the bathroom on a daily basis. The bathroom is one of the first places we see in the morning and one of the last things we see before going to sleep. This makes good bathroom design essential not only for a beautiful looking home but also for a person’s mental well being.

While the ideal bathroom is large and spacious, most often that isn’t the case. But there is no reason for a small washroom to not look as good as an expansive bathroom. If you think it’s time your bathroom had a makeover, here are a few design tips to liven up your old bathroom.

Stay up to date

Some things are better left in the era they belong to. Just because you live in a home owned by your grandparents, doesn’t mean everything has to stay as it was. Peel off the vintage wallpaper and tiled countertops. Replace knobby bath ware with more sleek contemporary forms. Remove old sconces and install lighting fixtures more suited to the present day. Give vanity dressers a fresh look with a coat of paint and polished hardware. However, giving in to nostalgia and leaving behind one iconic piece that is in a good shape, such as a bathtub can be a good idea as it gives your bathroom a personal touch. Take a hint from this stylish bathroom designed by Mob Architects, from Italy.

Go for an all white look

White is a classic colour choice that gives bathrooms an elegant appearance. White bathrooms can be styled to be classic, contemporary or modernistic. Bathroom spaces are typically small and narrow. Choosing a colour palette with white as the primary colour makes the space look bigger than it is.

Along with looking spacious, white also makes a bathroom look cleaner and brighter and therefore more appealing. White sanitary ware also has a more luxurious look to it when compared to sanitary ware in other colours. You can also complement this with white marble countertops and white wall tiles. Break the monotony with coloured accent pieces, designs on the wall tiles, or dashes of indoor greenery if needed.

Pick coordinated pieces

Mismatched pieces can ruin the look of a bathroom. Use your tiles to form the base for your bathroom accessories. Match the colour of your towels to the colour of the highlight colour on your tiles. Instead of using old mugs as toothbrush stands and liquid soap in the plastic soap dispensers they are bought in, invest in a coordinated set of bath ware essentials such as a soap dispenser, toothbrush stand etc.

Also ensure that your bathroom fittings follow the same style and that the material and finish used is the same for all of them. This is also applicable to sanitary ware including the bathroom sink, commode and bathtub. These should be also coordinated both in terms of style and colour. When choosing storage for a bathroom, keep the overall theme of the room in mind. While wicker baskets are well suited to classic designs, glass shelves may be a better option for minimal bathrooms.

Install a beautiful mirror

There a number of reasons why mirrors are essential elements of bathroom design. Mirrors when sized right can make a space look twice its size. Large mirrors are ideal for this. Framed mirrors of all shapes and sizes also add a touch of luxury to bathroom décor. In compact bathrooms, mirrors are also used to conceal storage behind them. To revamp your bathroom, install a gold framed mirror in your bathroom.

However, if your other fittings are in a chrome finish, choose a silver or antique silver framed mirror to maintain the harmonious look of the bathroom. The shape of the frame plays an important role in matching it to the rest of the décor. Typically, round and oval frames give mirrors a classic look while square of rectangular frames give mirrors a trendy contemporary look.

Go bright with accessories

To revamp your bathroom in a budget friendly way try out small changes that have a big impact. Bright accessories can take attention away from dull wall tiles and give the bathroom a brighter appeal.   Similarly, replacing an old faucet with a polished new piece will add life to your countertop. Plants are a budget friendly decorator’s best friend. Introduce a pothos plant growing in a bottle of water to your countertop, or any other potted plant that can withstand the humidity of the bathroom. Plants instantly make a room feel bright and fresh.

Cover the floor

Changing floor tiles can be a major project, not to mention the costs associated with it. To give a fresh look to an old bathroom without going into the trouble of retiling the bathroom, consider covering it with something. Vinyl flooring is ideal in these cases. Alternatively you could consider painting the tiles. You could also choose to install commode rugs and foot mats to brighten the space and distract from the existing flooring. This is a possibility only if your bathroom features a separate wet and dry area. There are a number of DIY projects that make good bathroom mats including pebbles stuck on a rubber base.

Explore other DIY projects to give old bathrooms makeovers, without going over budget. Spray paint is an effective tool to revamp bathrooms; this can be used on mirror frames, cabinets and even taps and showerheads. Adding fancy drapes in terms of shower curtains and window curtains can also change the way you look at your bathroom. Blinds also work well to perk up bathroom décor.

Lastly, add splashes of your personality to your bathroom décor. Wall art is an effective way of doing this. While paintings are unsuitable for bathroom wall art, art prints on canvas are good options. The only rule to putting art in a bathroom is that it should be cheerful and fun. For more inspiring ideas check out this ideabook – Delightful designs for small bathrooms.

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