10 ideas of functional and decorative window grills

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Not every entry to the house is through doors. Some special guests- fresh air, lights and view of the world are welcomed home through the windows in the front, back, side or in short from all four sides of our house. However, apart from its functional obligation, windows also add to the architectural beauty of the home from outside as well as inside. But at the same time we need some protection in the window to avoid uninvited and undesired entry into our home through it. Here come the grills for the protection. What if this protection comes with amazing style and design enhancing the appearance of the house? After all, grills are the embellishment of windows which dictates how we view the world from inside and how the world views our home from outside. Today we have brought for you a collection of grill design to decorate the window. Have a look!

​1. Decorative from outside

This is a fine example of protecting the window from outside the windowpane. The decorative grill made of wrought iron will guard the garden of the pane if you are planning to have one making it safe from wild invasion. Weather proof wrought iron can easily be moulded, crafted and designed the way you want.

​Strongly ornamental

If you don’t want to cover the windowpane but still want a decorative grill then this could be your choice.

​2. Breaking in jail but in style

A jail style grill on the window but the design made stylishly stunning with the brightness of colour and intricately carved décor guarding the window with elan.

​3. Simple grill for Kitchen windows

Simple rod style grill set in wooden frame of the kitchen window provides adequate security with ease to clean. Due to oil and dirt kitchen windows requires regular cleaning and this minimalist design will surely proved to be boon in the long run.

​4. A wall called window

Screen grill covering the entire balcony is a popular way to cover up the open space and merge it with the interior of the space. This covered up space forms an extended cantilevered window and an entire wall is replaced converting it into a window. Cover it with screen which will allow the freshness in but block the unwanted entry from outside. It will also make the façade smart and chic from outside. And from inside imagine the rays of sun seeping in though the screen and spreading on the floor.

Sturdy strong iron window

​5. The perfect square

Square grilled framed on window works perfect for classic look in classy French windows. Larger frames of the window grill creates an illusion of open feel and connects the inside with outside well with less obstructive views. Even if the window is small, but with larger frame it will feel big.

Perfect small squares

​6. Waves and patterns

Extra strong wrought iron grills creating waves and pattern to adorn the window and at the same time providing sturdy protection to the home. The beauty with wrought iron is that your imagination can be given a form with it. Create the pattern with waves or weave your imagination on the window; wither way it will look different and amazing.

​7. Motifs of jalis on the frame

Motifs and jalis is a boon in hot tropical climate as it blocks the sun but allows air to pass through it and with its jali design also create a cross ventilation thus substantially reducing the temperature inside. That’s the reason in most of the ancient and medieval architecture building jali design was so common. Apart from it, the design brings in finesse both to the exterior and interior of the building.

​8. Network of lattice weaving web

When the window is long and covers a substantial part of the room, why not take it as an opportunity and use it as a decorative element breaking the monotony of wall. Beautiful web of lattice is weaved on the window grill to protect the window but it is there as the only element and decorative pieces on the wall.

​9. Combination of shapes and patterns

Framed fixed grill accentuate different styles, designs, patterns and shapes and combine them together to form an innovative frame laying the foundation for strong protection on the windows.

​10. Traditional bar for vintage feel

Copied from the ancestral era for modern homes, the vertical iron bars in window is minimalist in look and strong in function. Even the décor from outdoor matches the window and render a feeling of being in ancestral vintage home right in the heart of modern city.

Minimalist and simple horizontal bars on window grills

After windows, get ideas of grill designs for open space: 11 grill designs for the balcony and terrace

Which of these grill ideas will find place in your windows? Let us know in the comments.

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