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9 interesting ideas to place TV in your bedroom

Master Bedroom Modern style bedroom by K Mewada Interior Designer Modern
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As far as placing a TV in bedroom is concerned, we have to follow certain set rules for it. Distance from bed, size of the TV, availability of space, height from the floor, whether to mount it on the wall or place it on the top of a cabinet, in the corner or in front of the bed, style, etc. Nothing is so simple or straightforward, isn’t it? Well… not anymore, it is simple until we complicate it. Today we have brought some simple and stylish ideas for placement of TV in the bedroom. Take inspiration from here and make the TV a style statement of your bedroom. Have a look for happy viewing!

​1. From the comfort of bed

Placed right opposite the bed, this wall mounted TV with backlit frame in the backdrop is the focal point of this room. White all over with a touch of grey is providing a perfect contrast with serenity. There is a unit to hold the entertainment gadgets to keep the bedroom clean. Lie down in a comfort position on the bed to watch your favourite sitcom to reach the ideal distance between TV and you.

​2. In between partitioning the space

Mr. Ram's Residence by homify

Mr. Ram's Residence


Placed in between to partition the seating and sleeping area of the room without wall, this TV is placed on an open table providing the flexibility with changing the direction of screen. It’s up to you to watch while lying on the bed or parked on the sofa.

​3. Flexibility with viewing

A Room Should Never Allow The Eye To Settle In One Place. It Should Smile At You And Create Fantasy. Modern style bedroom by FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd Modern
FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd

A Room Should Never Allow The Eye To Settle In One Place. It Should Smile At You And Create Fantasy.

FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd

It’s the other way round where sofa is placed between the TV and bed partitioning the space and allowing you with the flexibility to view from sofa or bed or both. It will not limit to either bed or sofa; the choice will be open.

​4. The corner taken

luxurious bedroom, floor bed stretched beyond the limit and a TV standing on a black and white corner table making the most of the corner space.

​5. Below the bed

Youngsters of the home need their own space where they can hang out with friends watching matches or playing together. So a complete entertainment zone has been crafted below the bunk-bed with wall mounted TV and of course the bean bags. It’s an innovative idea!

​6. Standing on an antique table

A Victorian Retreat.. Asian style bedroom by Premdas Krishna Asian
Premdas Krishna

A Victorian Retreat..

Premdas Krishna

Placed on an antique wooden cabinet that acts as a dedicated entertainment zone of the room, the modern TV looks luxurious and classy in the traditional setting.

​7. Dedicated entertainment zone

Master Bedroom- Modern style bedroom by homify Modern Plywood

Master Bedroom-


Fixed on the wall in the study space of the room this forms a dedicated entertainment and study zone of the room with space for computer, books and also quite at a distance from bed for restricted viewing.

8. Elegance in simplicity

A wooden panel bespoke to hold the TV and hide the wires to maintain the aesthetic and elegance of the room with a small stand fixed on it to hold the DVD/ Media player; the view from the bed will surely be clear and comfortable.

9. Built-in with the cabinet

MADHUNIKETAN 9TH FLOOR Modern style bedroom by smstudio Modern



The clean look of the built-in TV unit comes with an added advantage- it makes the room look bigger with unobstructed space to move around. With wires hidden behind it lift up the aesthetics of the space.

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Which of these ideas inspired you to change the placement of TV in your bedroom?
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