7 easy ways to make your home look more chic

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A Traditional Family Living Room Cathy Phillips & Co Classic style living room
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Are you the kind of person who likes to wear your style on your sleeve? If you love to set trends with your chic fashion sense, then chances are that people will want to see an extension of it even in your home. The vice versa may be true too. Guests who visit and see chic décor will come to associate it with your demeanour.

Chic homes don’t happen accidently. They are well thought out to make every niche stand out and reflect the style of the owner. The design may seem to be well-coordinated and flow into each other but with eclectic touches for shock value. If you want to have a home like that, you can take inspiration from people you admire and follow their décor style. Meanwhile, here are some tips to get you started.

A focal point or anchor is a must

Manhattan Micro-Loft Specht Architects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Specht Architects

Manhattan Micro-Loft

Specht Architects

A focal point is one item in the room that stands out and demands your attention as soon as you enter. And it should be aesthetically pleasing. It could be an antique lampshade that adds a new dimension to the space, or a large staircase with storage like this one that may prompt a wow.

Start by placing your focal point where lines of the room meet. By default, eyes are drawn to leading lines and will be drawn to your focal point too. If your room doesn’t already have a focal point like a large window, you can add a rug, a lampshade, a wall hanging or a painting that can anchor your room’s décor. Be sure to tone down other items in the room so that your focal point can stand out.

Go for something organic

Bring any room to life with a simple but beautiful addition of plants. Add a dash of colour to an unassuming corner with a big attention grabbing potted plant or hang a bright overflowing plant from the ceiling. But plants aren’t the only natural element you can play with. You can add a small tree to create a fantastic drama corner to the room.

You can use a tree stump as legs for your centre table or side table. Putting up tall bamboo plants in a corner will add lush touches or pick seasonal flowers to make your centrepiece. You can choose to create furniture with entombed bog wood that gives out a natural texture like no other. Bonsai trees that actually bear fruits can be a great addition to your chic décor too. Use rugs or furniture upholstery made from natural fibres, floor mats made of jute, and bamboo frames to grow creepers. For inspiration, check out this rustic timber bed by Edictum-Unikat Mobiliar, furniture and accessories suppliers from Germany.

Choose the right textures

The ‘feel’ of a room comes from the texture of upholstery, furnishing, floor and walls. If your walls are plain, then use bright vibrant textures for your area rug. If your flooring is wooden, use stylized textures and chic designs for the upholstery. If you’ve created a focal point with a particular wall, then add soft flowing curtains that aid the focus.

You can layer textures by adding different ones on the sofa and other seating spots but creating continuity with colour. A simple contrast throw blanket over your single seater couch can allow you to play with rough and soft textures.

Introduce personal effects

A Traditional Family Living Room Cathy Phillips & Co Classic style living room
Cathy Phillips & Co

A Traditional Family Living Room

Cathy Phillips & Co

These are must-haves for chic interiors. So add elements to your room that have shared a history with you. It may be a painting you did on your own, or you may be the only one who knows the story behind it. It may be photos of times shared with loved ones or even your travel adventures or life’s milestones like winning an award, or having a baby.

You can showcase souvenirs that you’ve collected from your travels, especially hand crafted pieces or specialties that remind you of a place and time like no other. You can even display the treasured gifts you may have received from friends or relations. Feel free to showcase the books that have left an imprint on you. Create walls, niches and corners filled with things that make you cosy and comfortable, and lend a homely feeling.

Timeless classic designs

Some designs are made to last a lifetime. Our love affair with them ensures that they survive renovations and relocations with equal élan and become a part of our life and memories. This, as you may know by now, happens both by chance and choice.

Like any affair, it may be a love at first sight or a classic love story that may happen over a period of time. It could be with the couch where you spend hours watching your favourite shows, or an elegant side table that seems uniquely perfect, or an area rug that caters your needs perfectly. Take care of your classics as they will be your connection to an era you love.

Who doesn’t love surprises?

All chic homes have an element of surprise. Sometimes hidden in a corner, other times subtly creating drama in the centre, surprise elements are those that may seem out of place or weird at first glance but soon blend in with your chic interiors to give a unique touch to your home.

Sometimes you can just work on your surprise element by shuffling your home decor a little. Arrange the furniture asymmetrically or use mismatched furniture like a dining table with two sets of mismatched chairs. It could be an antique mural occupying a wall, or even a huge design on the fan or ceiling that can force people to take a second glance.

Hide negative spaces

West Lake Hills Residence Specht Architects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Specht Architects

West Lake Hills Residence

Specht Architects

Classic chic people know the power of dressing just right. They are never overdressed but exude style in minimal fashion. Same goes for their homes. Not every nook and corner is filled because it has to be. Empty or negative spaces are used well by introducing the right kind of furnishing, art or décor that mixes minimalistic style with eclectic accents.

So now you are ready to design your home as an original one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Here is another ideabook to get your creative juices flowing – Getting started with interior design.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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