15 best heat-resistant plants and flowers to use in landscaping

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When planning the landscaping of an outside area, be it residential, commercial, public or other type of segment, it is essential to select the right plants. Not only because of the aesthetic result, but also because they need to be adaptable to the environment in question, considering soil and prevailing climatic conditions. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee a good final result.

In this case we are talking about external areas, and since in India most regions receive intense sunshine in at least some season of the year, it is very useful to know the flowers that can best tolerate the strong sun before making the selection for  garden landscaping . In general it is easy to differentiate between plants and flowers that can tolerate the intense sun and those that do not.They have more robustness and roughness in general, but there are also those that look so delicate, but do not require too much water often because they have extra storage inside the leaves. This is the case with succulent plants. They are native to the cacti family, and native to the arid regions and therefore may be exposed to the sun without water for a longer period than native tropical and subtropical plants.Read on to find out about other plants and flowers that are heat-resistant and ideal for landscaping. 

1. Dracena marginata and singônio

In this example, a beautiful green panel serves as a background for the garden environment. There are plants such as asparago, peperômia, columeia-goldfish, among others. Next to the Balinese bench, ceramic vessels are used to plant dracena marginata, considered one of the most heat-resistant plants in the world, and are great for indoor environments as well. At their base are the small singons who like heat and humidity and in winter they fall into numbness, needing only a little water so that the earth is not completely dry.

2. Succulents

Here is a beautiful model of landscaping using the succulents in a very organic and rustic way. They are mini-sized plants, distributed by the shelves of an aged cabinet next to other varied plants. Succulents can stay in the sun throughout the day and receive water about once a week or when they realize that the soil around them is completely dry.

3. Traveler tree

The magnificence of this adult plant is wonderful and looks beautiful in wide spaces, because it is large and tall, with a height between 4 and 8 meters. It looks like a huge fan or a peacock's tail, with banana leaves on the ends. It can stay in the full sun, but also supports frost, so it is great to have in any region.

4. Palm tree

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There is a great variety of palm trees, with thin trunk, lower, and imposing, tall and broad. It can be widely used among garden plants and grows very well under constant sunlight, but too much sunlight can result in yellow leaves at the ends. 

5. Palm tree with buchinhos and bromeliads

Since there are many types of palm trees, here is a different example of the previous one, the phoenix palm, also called dwarf palm, although it reaches up to 4 meters. In this garden it is very well accompanied by buchinhos and bromeliads,  plants that are very resistant to the sun. 

6. Swords-of-St George and Palm Trees

Rishi Villa - Pune, Aesthetica Aesthetica Modern garden

Rishi Villa—Pune


Palm trees are in many landscaping projects in large gardens because they are beautiful complements. In this model the side of the wall is all rounded by beautiful swords-of-São-Jorge as well, plants that also have a great variety of different types with different shapes and shades of green. For more information, please refer to our article titled easy guide to grow the tropical palm in your house.

7. Xanadu

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Amid an exuberant diversity of plants and a large tree in the center, in this garden the xanadu, which is in the left corner with the leaves trimmed, is one of the options that you can keep in the sun all day. But it's still healthy if you let it stay in half-shadow. It is beautiful to make a composition with other foliage. For more inspiration, please also read stunning greenery for your home.

8. Stag horn

This plant is in an internal environment in the image, but is a fern that grows much better under the moderate sun and supported by trees. So it's great to put in your yard that already has larger trees. It is not a parasite, it will only use the tree to fix itself onto and receive shade for some part of the day.

9. Buchinho, crassula and São-Jorge sword

This composition of garden plants requires little watering and can quietly stay in open spaces catching the sun, even having ease of adaptation to indoor environments. They should be watered when you realize that the earth is very dry. For more ideas, here are some sensational plants which can be planted in modern gardens.

10. Cica

This shrub is very voluminous and great for composing a garden very easily, as it combines with many others plants well. It looks like a palm tree and can withstand intense sun if it can not be half shaded. For it to develop better, a land with organic compost and sand should be used.

11. Cacti

Even with this hard appearance, the cacti also produces flowers that resist the intense sun. They are reputed to withstand high temperatures and dry climate, which in fact is true, but can also be grown in other climates, so exist in all regions of the country.

12. Yellow lily

The lily is one of the best flowers that can resist the intense sun, being able to compose gardens in which there is no shade. In fact, it needs a lot of light. If you have the lily planted in a vase it is best that it take a little shade during the day, but not for hours, or it will squirm to find the sunlight. For more inspiration, here are some easy ways to a new garden personality.

13. Geranium

Geraniums are flowers that resist the strong sun because they are outside plants. It is possible to have a beautiful flowery garden made up of them during the summer, which is when the flowers bloom to receive abundant sunlight. They are also great sun-resistant flowers for pots, so you can plant them that way if the garden does not have space. Either way, it's important to remember to always keep the land humid.

14. Gallo crest

This beautiful flower that comes in several colors can be planted at will in the garden, because it is in the list of flowers that resist the intense sun without being damaged. Watering should be done enough to keep the soil moist and it is inadvisable to grow it in very cold regions as it may not endure and end up not blooming anymore.

15. Strelitzia musácea

Finally, at the bottom of this garden there is a large strelitzia, a very beautiful flower that occupies a large space and blooms a lot. Its flowers have a strong orange-yellow tone and blue details, shaped like a bird's head. It should be grown outdoors, so it is also one of the flowers that resist strong sun.

We hope you've enjoyed the examples, even if they are only a small part of so many other heat-resistant flowers and plants. If you still need guidance, we recommend that you look for one of the professional  landscapers registered here at homify to do a work of excellence in your space. For more ideas, you can also have a look at 17 do it yourself garden ideas for your home.

Which plants and flowers do you like the best for landscaping? 

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