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It may seem like the winter will never end. The skies are still grey and the garden is wet and muddy, but rest assured, spring is just around the corner. With this in mind it is good to get started planning the first big event of spring; preparing the house for Spring. Spring cleaning is a wonderful way of clearing out the stuffiness of the winter blues and open up the house to the fresh air and sunshine that is spring. Many people have a checklist made to ensure they clean the whole house completely. This is a very clever tactic. There is so much to remember; What equipment do you need? Are there any repairs that should be made? Will this require a tradesman or can you do it yourself? During the cold winter months you may have neglected the small jobs that needed to be done due to the bad weather, a spring clean is the perfect opportunity to get on top of all of this. homify has found the best way to prepare your home for spring.

​Spring Cleaning

The annual spring clean is a wonderful way of assessing the entire house for cleanliness as well as checking for any maintenance required. It is always a good idea to start a spring clean with a complete spring clean plan. Write down headings for each room, under each room write a bullet point list of exactly what needs to be done in each room. Start the list with any maintenance, then move on to cleaning. Be sure to start the cleaning at the top and make your way down. It is a good idea to walk from room to room while writing this list. In this way you will be sure to see what is needed in each room. Start with cleaning the driveway and the garden, then gradually move into the indoors.

​Natural Light

During the colder winter months it can sometimes be difficult to keep the house warm. It seems to be a battle to keep the warmth inside the house and the cold outside the house. One way to keep the cold outside the house is with thick curtains. This can be very effective, but can also make the house very dark. When the weather begins to warm up, and the spring is upon us, it is good to open up these windows to allow the natural light to enter the house. Consider removing thick heavy curtains altogether and replacing them with lighter summer curtains. It is also a wonderful idea to clean the windows completely on both sides. This allows the beautiful sunshine to brighten the house, and allows you to get the best possible view.


Now that the winter is over, the sun is once again shining through the clouds and the leaves are sprouting on the trees, it is time to think about preparing our homes for the spring. There are many things that can be done to open up our homes to the beautiful spring weather. One way we can do this is with colour. Over winter we may have brought out our warm, rich décor. This is wonderful for the long winter nights, snuggling by an open fire, but it is not so appropriate when the weather has warmed up. Consider changing to brighter and lighter colours. Try a bright blue, red or pink throw on the couch, or a bright patterned cushion a colourful bedspread or an orange rug on the floor. This bedroom is by Dar Amina.


The start of spring means the return of the lush green trees. Watching the new sprouts growing on the trees is a wonderful way of getting close to nature. Why not bring this nature into the house for spring? Introducing indoor plants into the house is a great way to prepare your house for spring. They bring a sense of freshness and nature into any room. Place these plants near windows and doors to allow the line between the indoors and outdoors to blur, or in a dark corner to brighten it up. When choosing indoor plants, there are some that grow better than other; try a leafy Philodendron for a tropical feel, or a Dieffenbachia for a splash of colour, these plants thrive in the indoor environment. These plants are by Pflanzenfreude.

​Theme Flower

Just as it is good to bring nature into your house with plants, so it is also good to bring spring into your house with flowers. One of the biggest spring trends in recent years has been the theme flower. To introduce a theme flower in your house, first choose a flower that you like. This can be cut flowers, or potted flowers. Next, bring this flower into the house, placing it into not only the main living area, but several places in the house. This brings a continuity to the décor of the house, making the spring design flow from room to room. Some amazing spring flowers to use include; Daffodils and Iris. Put these in large bowls or a long vase for effect. If you prefer a potted plant, consider pansies.


Another great way to introduce spring into your home is with accessories. Spring calls for a new décor in a home. Fill your home with all things fresh; natural bright colours, fresh flowers, floral prints and light fabrics. Consider using fresh flowers together with vintage tableware to create a centerpiece. Change the bed linen to lighter and brighter shades and accessories this with a daring and bright coloured cushions. Freshen up a drab winter bathroom with some bright orange textiles. Bring plants into the home with a vibrant and fresh herb garden planted on the kitchen windowsill. This acts as not only an attractive accessory, but also a practical feature providing delicious herbs to home cooked meals.

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about preparing the house for the new season. This does not have to focus on the annual clean, but the wonderful ritual of opening up the stuffy winter house to the fresh air and sunshine that is spring. Start this by doing the annual clean, when this is done, the fun can begin; change curtains to allow the natural light to flood in, bring colour into the house with textiles, introduce plants and flowers to bring nature indoors and accessories by bringing these elements together to create a fresh, natural and crisp atmosphere. By preparing your home for spring you will be able to fully enjoy the best season of the year. For more ideas see Skip the Cleaning Stress – 7 Amazing Tips. 

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