6 Steps to DIY Your Perfect Kitchen Storage Shelves

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The wide array of cooking tools, vessels and ingredients that are required in the kitchen need smartly designed storage solutions to ensure that they are easily available when needed. If your kitchen is limited by lack of storage facilities below the counter and there is sufficient space to increase storage then a bit of planning can help you to keep everything organized. While floating cabinets or open shelves above the counter can create extra storage space sometimes these may not solve the problem. Extra storage in the kitchen can also be created by reorganizing cabinets to increase capacity with inserts like plate racks, wood sections, shelf risers and dowels. Standalone storage solutions like wooden cupboards and installing swing out shelves are a clever way to use hard to reach areas of deep cupboards efficiently.

Here are a few DIY ideas to help you increase kitchen storage capacity with minimum fuss.

Paint with Waterproof Paint

After creating the extra storage space remember to always use laminate or  waterproof paint if you have made new cabinets with fitted doors like the ones here above the counter. Water is an essential part of cooking process as it is used to wash vegetables and other raw ingredients before cooking and also during preparation of several dishes. Oil based paint will provide protection from water droplets and also oil and food stains as these can be easily removed by a light swipe of damp flannel in the stained region. Kitchen cabinets and storage areas are also vulnerable to spills and condensation on humid days if the area is not ventilated properly which is why you should paint the cabinet or shelf created for storage with waterproof paint to ensure longevity.

Measure the size of Fridge

If the refrigerator in your kitchen is taking up a lot of space then measure its length and breadth to find an appropriate location for it that will free up space. Usually the fridge is pushed to a blind corner of the kitchen leading to wastage of space around and above it as no shelves or cabinets can be placed at that awkward angle. As the refrigerator is an essential part of kitchen triangle it should be in close proximity to cooking area and sink. The cleverly designed wall unit showcased here has all essential electrical gadgets neatly fitted into a single area which opens up a lot of space in remaining areas of the kitchen.

Know The Size Of Stuff You Want to Store

Before trying to create extra storage area in the kitchen make up your mind about the stuff that will be stored in it to enable the creation of a right size of storage area to reduce clutter. If you are want extra space for small daily use utensils like cutlery, serving spoons and ladles then a swing out drawer with dividers of different sizes to keep each variety will enable effective utilization of space. Once you have a clear idea about the size of objects that require extra storage, you can plan the location and size of storage space that has to be created to accommodate them. Smartly designed racks, cabinets and shelves can create surprising amount of space whether it is a swing out or a roll out storage system.

Design storage in same height and width with casters

Gorgeous Kitchen and Bar Trolleys The Yellow Door Store KitchenCabinets & shelves
The Yellow Door Store

Gorgeous Kitchen and Bar Trolleys

The Yellow Door Store

Worried about limited storage space in your kitchen which cannot be expanded by making shelves or by making adjustments in the existing layout? Then get this attractively designed storage case from Yellow Door Store with casters that can be moved around to any part of the kitchen where extra storage space is required. As its height and width corresponds to kitchen cabinets it blends into the environment and can also be used during parties to move plates and cutlery around the living room or garden where the party is being held. Make the drawers wide or deep according to your storage requirement and give it a coat of paint that is similar to other cabinets in the kitchen so that it does not look out of place.

Attach handles

Handles on cabinets and drawers give a final touch to kitchen décor irrespective of the style that the owner wants to create. Kitchen cabinet handles that are available in the market are made of a wide variety of durable materials which are offered by furniture designers in customized designs and finishes to suit buyers’ tastes. Select good quality handles that are durable and complement the cabinets on which they are fitted. In this teal and white modern kitchen the elegant steel handles on slim drawers are easy to grip and display a sleek and contemporary minimalist style. As the handles have flush ends they do not catch on clothes or hurt knees and other body parts while moving around the kitchen.

Must have dowel

Bitra Hook Rail Rowen & Wren KitchenStorage
Rowen & Wren

Bitra Hook Rail

Rowen & Wren

For readers that are not aware of the word “dowel” it is a cylindrical rod that is made from varied materials like wood, steel or plastic and is used for varied requirements like toy axles, support for hanging items on the wall and also for cabinet making. In the kitchen, a dowel can be used for increasing storage space within a deep cabinet by fitting a dowel rod within it and gluing both ends. This dowel rod can then be used to hang paper towels or lightweight kitchen towels instead of letting them hang over the counter. The three metal dowel rods visible here are fitted with hooks to make it easy for hanging small utensils, ladles and other items that are used in the kitchen. These dowel rods fixed into the rear side of the kitchen door make it convenient to store daily use items within easy reach which also stay out of view and reduce clutter.

For more ideas on kitchen storage and organization refer to this ideabook on efficient kitchen organization ideas.

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