Succulent plants: how to take care of it and decorate the home with it

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Greenery around us, inside or outside, acts as a catalyst to elevate our mood and definitely makes us happy. No matter how much we love to have a garden, we often avoid it due to lack of time in our busy lifestyle. Plants like any living things need love and care to grow and flourish. However, if you select the succulent plants, then your dream to own a garden will surely come true. These plants can flourish with minimum care and even if you forget to water them regularly. Succulent plants, as the name suggest, have the power to store water in its roots, stalks or leaves and can survive in dry spell for a long time. These plants can also survive alone for long and can germinate easily on its own.

The most attractive feature of succulent plants is that it is available in variety of colours, shapes and sizes. With its beautiful appeal, low maintenance and less amount of sunlight required it can be grown both inside and outside decorating the house or garden and spreading happiness and charisma all around. What more does one want? Just learn to cultivate and how to take care of these beautiful succulent plants and build a wonderful garden.

​How to grow succulent

Succulent grows well in shallow container since most of them have short roots. First of all select the container, preferably with hole in the bottom, and fill it with soil, fertilizer, pebbles and sand. Assure that the container is well prepared to drain out the water. Now put the succulent plant in the soil. You can also sprout new plants from it. Just cut a portion of leaf of the plant and place it on the soil. You don’t have to bury it in the soil. Just place it on the soil and keep the container in well ventilated place protected from strong sunlight. In a few days new plants will germinate from the leaf.

In the first week of plantation, don’t water the plant since the water content in the initial soil mixture will be sufficient for it. From the following week, just a spoonful of water once or twice a week will be sufficient.

Succulent plants don’t require much sunlight. Exposure to morning and evening sunlight is more than enough for them. Whether you are placing it indoor or outdoor, strategically keep them in a location where harsh and peak time sunlight can be avoided but it surely gets sunlight for a few hours a day. Don’t forget to transfer in larger container when it outgrows the pot.

​How to care for succulent

Budding and thriving in your home, now you should learn the nitty-gritty of taking care of the succulent for it to remain healthy.

If you have put the plant in plastic container then it will require less water. If it is in ceramic pot, you need to water it regularly since ceramic pot absorbs water and plastic doesn’t.

Keep the soil well fertilized by adding fertilizer, preferably NPK fertilizer which has better nutrients, once a month.

During summers water the plants once a week or when you feel that the soil is dry but make sure that you wet only the soil and not drench the plants. In winters water the soil once in fifteen days.

Finally keep the plants in sun for at least 4 hours a day. Some may require more sunlight. Learn about the plants you brought and do it accordingly. Succulents can become a beautiful decoration in your home and garden. Have a look for inspiration!

​Indoor decoration

Create an indoor garden of succulent in beautiful ceramic pots to place it in your living room, dining room, bedroom or anywhere you want. If you wish you can keep changing the location of the plants with new décor every day.

​Outdoor garden in combination with cacti

Cacti too are succulent but not all succulent are cacti. However, they can be grown together in a single planter since they both require same condition to thrive. Create a garden of succulent and cacti in a planter to decorate the pathway and make your entrance welcoming and charming.

Cacti and succulent indoor garden

​Vertical framed garden

A live and growing painting of succulent framed to the wall will create a beautiful expression on the wall. You can keep it indoor or outdoor depending upon the sun it will need. To make this type of framed garden, select rectangular boxes filled with plants and fix it to a protective screen guarded by frame on the four sides. Since succulents require less water so there will not be much problem of damage to the frame or wall because of water. Just take out the frame occasionally for maintenance.

​A garden of succulents

It is possible to create a garden of succulent since there are many species of succulent available in the nature which can bring variety in the garden. Lay the flower beds,combine it with other plants or use it as hedge defining the boundary of your garden.

​A garden for commercial place

In a commercial place, you can still spread the colour of happiness with pots of succulents lined up or scattered around in the way you want. You can use the same style in your home too keeping various pots of succulents to decorate the different rooms of your house or to keep it together.

​Symphony of colours

Succulents can easily be grown and can grow anywhere flourishing and spreading colours to make the garden look extraordinarily beautiful. Here the old trunk of tree is used to create a succulent garden which is simply symphony of colours thriving in what would have been a waste. Lifeless truck has once again become lively and bubbly.

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