7 things to know about pivot doors before installing it in your home

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Door is an important feature of any home. From exterior to interior, it is something more than just a protector of your home. Believe it or not; along with its functionality, it silently enhances the aesthetics of the home. Among the many different types of doors available, the pivot door is modern, stylish and swings to give your home the state of the art feel. Beautiful and strong enough to adorn both indoors and outdoors, pivot doors can be made of wood, metal or even glass, usually with elegant long handles for grip and ornamentation.

Modern families living in modern homes are eager to embrace this incredible door and include it in their home. But the question arises if we really have inkling of what this pivot door really is? May be knowing more about it will help you in taking an important decision for your home décor; whether to bring home pivot door or not. Well… we can say that if you are looking for an eye-catching interior as well as building a stunning façade, then pivot door could make a unique design statement. Have a look and learn more about the door before you take a final call.

​1. What exactly is pivot door

The pivot doors are designed to rotate in its vertical axis. Available with or without a stopper, this door can effortlessly rotate 360 degree in its own axis thus achieving an elegant swing in the space. The system is formed with sophisticated hinges hidden on the top and bottom of the door which forms the centre from where the door rotates. Since the hinges are concealed, the doors are designed and manufactured in large size to make it look elegant and functional. The beauty of the door is further enhanced by large handles which also act as a decorative element on the door. Though it is more commonly available in wood, but it can also be designed in glass and metal.

​2. What are the advantages of pivot door

Its elegant design and impressive profile are quite obvious when we talk about the advantages of pivot door. Undoubtedly this style of door collaborates extensively in making the décor of the house incredible. However, it has more to it other than its looks. Pivot door also save on space as when open it only covers half the portion of each space. Also it bifurcate the space and makes cross ventilation possible even without having proper cross ventilation available. This is because when the door is open it becomes two separate doors making space for fresh air to rush from one and pushing stale air out from the other. This makes it appropriate to be installed as the exterior doors where it opens to bring in freshness right into your home.

​3. What are the disadvantages of pivot door

If there are advantages, then disadvantages too are there with it. It goes with pivot door too. With the advantages it has, there are certain disadvantages too which needs to be addressed to avoid future problems in home. Note a few points to check when buying or installing the door. Make sure that the frame and pivot of the door is strong and firm or else it will wrap to create problem. This door cannot be sealed properly which can create problem by letting in dust, insects and sound uninvited into your home.   It is better to go for good quality product that is expensive than going for something cheap and then paying a higher price in its maintenances. Seek help from professionals since they are experts and know what is best.

​4. How to maintain pivot door

Doors mainly need protection from climate and the local weather condition. Since the pivot door is usually installed at the entrance, the durability of it depends on the weather condition and dust and moisture it takes in. Waterproofing is important to prevent the door from bending and twisting and also from fungal attacks. Apply special varnishing and good quality furniture polish on the door for protection from weather. Oil the hinges for free rotation and make sure it is cleaned regularly. Wipe with clean dry cloth frequently and maintain the shine forever. If the door is of glass or metal, use water and vinegar solution to make it shiny clean.

​5. How to install pivot door

The door needs to be fixed on two pivots that support the door which can be of wood, glass or metal; however, it is advisable to get it installed by professional. The door may come with or without stop depending on your purchase. If it is without the stop then you will hire a carpenter or professional to fix the door for better result. If it is with stop, you only have to finish the wall fitting so that door can become functional. The wall installation can be done in three ways:

Threading: Mortar is applied on the place where door is to be installed.

Expansive foam: Foam is applied in the spans between the door and the wall filling the gaps.

Screws: Fixing the stops tightly with the screws to the wall so that it remains firm and fixed. The only disadvantage of this is that the holes it will create will be evident and visible.

​6. How to choose pivot door

The first thing to keep in mind while choosing the door is the place where you want to get it fixed. It will assist you in selecting material, wood, glass or metal and right style of the door depending on the space. Higher pivot door creates an illusion of roominess, giving a depth into the space and produce comfort and elegance into the environment. Carefully select the handle of the door since it adds character to the door and is there as showy feature on the door.

7. Tips for using pivot door

Before installing the pivot door, it is important to consider the availability of space where it is being installed. The passage should be free for the free swinging of the door. Also check on the open space available when the door is opened. Remember, it is your home. May be someday you will need to bring home a large item. The door should open enough to allow the entry of large items too. Usually the standard size door opens at about 80 cm span. However, with pivot door the space should be 90 cm considering the fact that a bit of the span will be taken by the stop. That is why pivot doors are generally wider and bigger than standard doors.

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