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Most people from a couple of generations back remember meal times to be a time for the family to come together and discuss their day. Today, in our busy lives, keeping up this practice has become quite difficult and it is mostly restricted to holidays or weekends.

With an encroachment of professional responsibilities in personal space and an equal number of devices that allow us to stay technologically “connected”, dining, in many homes, is a hurried activity that is done out of compulsion. Enjoyment of the delicacy in front of us is interrupted with emails and messages. While we take avid interest in what our friends are doing miles away, we distance ourselves from our family sitting right next to us.

To top it all, in small homes, it is often difficult to have a luxurious dining space that is adorned with fresh food, flowers, plants, attractive cutlery and furniture. But size doesn’t matter when you employ creativity and imagination. Arm yourself with some clever hacks to make the most out of small dining areas.

What you can do with foldable dining chairs

A trick that has been steadily doing the rounds of popular home designs is, keeping foldable dining chairs hidden and away from sight until you actually need to use them. It not only saves floor space but can even create piece of wall décor with them. For example, you can have round seats for the chairs in different colours and the legs folding in an X shape, which can be hung beside the dining table.

Or you could create a custom folding table and chair kit with storage below the table where the chairs can be kept when not in use. Tables with chairs tucked away in the space below the table, can be pulled to create a table for two or four depending on how many of you are dining.

The power of a foldable dining table

Gone are the days when foldable tables were looked upon with disdain as a décor disaster. An attractive foldable dining table can be used not only because it saves space, but also because it is a more sensible and sleek option for modestly-sized dining rooms.

Space saving furniture comes in various shapes and sizes that can be customized depending on the space available. Some tables go down all the way and hang on the walls with hinges, others can be folded in half, and some others may have collapsible sides which automatically convert the original table into a smaller one. What you choose depends on your taste and requirement finally.

Use the dining space as a study too

Your home décor ideas often jostle for space with your home’s usable area, where you want it all but don’t have enough space to do it. That’s when multi-purpose space saving furniture becomes your best friend.

Have a table created as per the size of a study table, with storage space under the table top to hold books and stationary. Add two or four extra planks that can either be lifted to fit from the sides or pulled up from the middle to convert this smart space into a dining table during meal times.

If you have two children at home, you can even choose to create each of them a desk that is supported by the wall on one end and two legs on the other. When pulled from the wall, both desks can be joined and viola! Your dining space is set. You can make this even smarter by creating a two level storage – one for books and the other for dinnerware.

Bar in a shelf

You can cleverly maximize dining space by letting go of your bar cabinet and instead house your favourite drinks on multi level shelves above your table. The top space in the shelves can be utilized to keep the bottles, while you can hang hooks or slots from the bottom to suspend the glasses upside down, just like in a bar! The top shelf can also be fabricated cleverly to hold the bottles horizontally, and protect against accidental breakage.

You can have a minimum of two and maximum of four bar shelves on a wall layered and colour coordinated to showcase your style. Get inspired by the “bar in a shelf” idea executed in this kitchen designed by Fabio Carria, architects from Italy.

Wall mounted shelves to save space

Utilizing wall space is a great way to keep things off the ground and give an illusion of a spacious house. And doing this creatively can up your home’s style quotient quite a few notches. You can create open or closed shelves that leave out more space to fit in your dining table, or which double up to accommodate your dining table in a multifunctional manner.

To create open shelves with table, the depth of your shelf must be as much as the width of the table pullout. You can create a sleek compartment between the shelves to push the table top inside. The foldable or retracting legs can be on the side of the shelves camouflaged into the design. At first glance, this will look like a regular shelf but like Houdini, you can simple pull a ‘table’ out of the shelf!

If you want closed shelves with a table, the table top has to double up as the shelves’ door and can be placed in two levels. The first level becomes the table’s legs for the two open sides and the second level converts into a table top.

Hidden ironing area in the corner of the dining room

Corners are generally underutilized spaces in a room because we don’t often realize what it can accommodate or how we can make it useful. So take those indoor plants and mount them on the wall. Utilize your corner space to house an ironing table!

A wall-mounted ironing table, whose back can double up as a laundry bag and front as a mirror, can be a perfect non-attention pulling corner for your dining room. Its nondescript look won’t take away the focus from your dining area, and yet aid you with its functionality.

Now that your dining table hacks are set to impress your guests, it is time to give your regulars a reason to visit it for a family meal! Nothing replaces good food and the aroma of it wafting in your home will have your family coming over like mice after the pied-piper! Go through another ideabook to get your creative juices flowing - Which table to choose for your dining room or kitchen.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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