9 tips to make a small bedroom look larger

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Residence at Kerala Sanskriti Architects Eclectic style bedroom
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small bedroom can be very cosy or it can be uncomfortably cramped up, depending on how you design, furnish and decorate it. The solutions range from simple and relatively inexpensive improvements like the appropriate colour scheme and wall-shelving to multi-functional furniture and major renovations. With these methods, even the tiniest bedroom can be a functional space which can be used for more than sleeping. In fact the ideas here can be used to turn any little space or room such as the attic or storage room into a comfortable extra bedroom for guests. We hope you will be inspired to try some of these ideas out in your home. Please follow the links and tags included for more ideas and information. 

The ideal small bedroom

Bedroom Interiors - Small spaces Preetham Interior Designer Modern style bedroom
Preetham  Interior Designer

Bedroom Interiors—Small spaces

Preetham Interior Designer

The small bedroom pictured here is close to perfect in terms of how it has been designed, furnished and decorated. As you can see, a daybed with storage underneath is the most ideal type of bed for a small bedroom as it makes it look more like a small living room which can be used for lounging around, doing some work and also ultimately for sleeping. The large windows also allow plenty of natural light in and visually extends the bedroom even in the night time. Floor space is maximised by a wall-mounted lamp and bedside table. 

1. Match the ceiling with the wall

Coordinating the colour of the ceiling with the colour of the bedrooms walls can help make a small bedroom seem larger. On the other hand, a light-coloured ceiling paired with darker coloured walls will make a room look smaller than it actually is. This is because when the ceiling and walls are the same colour, it's quite difficult to tell where the room starts and where it ends, therefore the room looks larger. For more ideas, here are 10 colours you can paint your small rooms to make them look bigger.

2. Install wall-shelving

Contemporary Interior Design Premdas Krishna Modern style bedroom
Premdas Krishna

Contemporary Interior Design

Premdas Krishna

Bedside tables take up unnecessary space on the floor in a small bedroom. Furthermore if you have just one bedside table and two people using the bedroom, it would mean that one person will not have any space to store their phone, glass of water and other essentials. This problem can be solved by installing wall-shelving on both sides of the bed as an alternative to nightstands, and it will also save lots of floor space. 

3. Add mirrors to the closet or cupboard

A very affordable trick to solve the visual space crisis is to add a large mirror to the closet or cupboard. It is not necessary to buy a new closet just for this reason. You can just as easily buy a large mirror and have it installed onto the bedroom wardrobe closet. To maximise the spacious effect of mirrors, make sure you choose long mirrors that extend from the floor to the ceiling or wide mirrors that extend from wall to wall. For more inspiration, here are 20 closet ideas for small bedrooms.

4. Use pendants lights

Instead of taking up precious space with table lamps on bedside tables, use pendant lights that hang from the ceiling instead. Other than saving space, they also add a unique decorative feature to the bedroom which can be enhanced to create a focal point. However it is very important to measure how low they hang so that they do not get in the way of other things. 

5. Allow natural light in

Modern Contemporary Premdas Krishna Modern style bedroom
Premdas Krishna

Modern Contemporary

Premdas Krishna

One of the most important things you can do to make a room seem more spacious is to prevent furniture from blocking the natural light that gets into the the room. If you have bedside tables or cabinets against the window wall, make sure these furnishings or the ornaments and decorations on them do not block the natural light flowing into the bedroom. For more inspiration, here are 15 amazing ideas for small bedrooms.

6. Get a daybed

A small daybed or a large one which can be folded up into a seat is one of the best things you can do to improve the space problem in a small bedroom. This way the bed doesn't take up as much space in the bedroom when it's not being used. The daybed pictured here has a nice, cushioned headboard which makes it a comfy sofa and also offers a shelf for placing decorations and essentials such as your phone and drinks. 

7. Mirrors and reflective decorations

Glamour Bedroom homify Bedroom

Glamour Bedroom


Mirrors and reflective decorations such as the ones used in the example pictured here is a great way to add more light and space to a small bedroom as well as to decorate it. There are a myriad of ways you can use mirrors and crystals to achieve the spacious effect. Please refer to our article titled stunning modern mirrors for every home.

8. Long pleated curtains

Ceiling to floor curtains with small vertical pleats can make the ceiling look higher and therefore also make the room look larger. The long curtains can also be used to cover up wall space and soften the walls to create the illusion of more space. Choose a light, neutral colour for the best effects.  

9. Niches in the wall

Last but not least, niches in the wall are a great alternative to wall-shelving and can save a lot more space. The only thing is it may require you to renovate the bedroom a little. For the best effect, use a different patterns or colours to highlight the niches in the wall and bring attention to them. The niches in the wall are the next best thing to getting windows, but not all bedroom allow for windows, so this is actually a great alternative. 

We hope you've been inspired by the ideas here. For more articles like this, please have a look at 12 modern closets for small spaces.

Which idea for small bedrooms do you like the best? 

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