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Imagine a structure rendered with strokes of grandeur outside and simplicity inside. The cavernous home featured here is one such structure that houses a combination of elements born from the philosophy of simple living and high thinking. The grey stone and glass façade conceals the abode’s awe inspiring design and decor treasures. Aptly named Cube House for its distinctly geometric leanings, this home has been rendered by Studio MK27 – famed architects in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brazil’s rich culture, traditions and affinity towards modern life is beautifully reflected in this house, which you will find out as we begin the tour.

Geometric Cubes in a Stretch of Grey

True to its name, the Cube House houses cubes and other geometric shapes, and these give the villa a distinct streamlined appeal. The crystal clear swimming pool and abundance of trees come together to create a soothing setting for the abode. The grey expanse of stone and brilliant glazing creates a look of understated elegance.

Open Spaces and a Loft-Like Feel

Now this truly is like walking through a dream land. The serious façade of the house gives way to a whimsical hallway cum living space in the villa. The open living room and the study concealed behind a bank of white shelves is a delight, and take you back to the simplicity of childhood where imagination was at play.

Here, the designers have used a dash of colour to break the monotony of white by injecting some fuchsia fun—albeit in a sober shade—for the upholstery. A bright rug finishes the look, leaving the rest of the design to be influenced by the lighting. The quirky showpieces on the shelves and the lamps as well as the recessed lighting make the space a bright and entertaining one. The loft like effect is hard to miss.

The Surprise Element: A Designer Study

Scandinavian designer lines for the long table beckon the visitor to exercise a creative muscle or two. Overhead lamps shaped like pyramids and row upon row of books and journals – that’s the beauty and charm of this study. It lies behind the partition created by the bank of shelves to give the owner a spot of peace and respite from the fun and quirky living room that lies on the other side. Hardwood flooring and a stone tiled wall create a warm and embracing ambiance!

Simplicity Rules: The Staircase

The staircase is made up of simple planks set between two walls and is a narrow pathway for people to go up to the bedroom, or descend into the basement. The simple wooden railing complies with the look of the stairs. The solid wooden hue unites nicely with the white walls and the window at the end brings in much needed natural light. All in all, a sleek approach!

Soothing Yet Playful: The Bedroom

The bedroom is simple yet full of pretty details that make it a fun space. It is inspired by the floor downstairs. The simple platform bed flanked by built in night stands on both sides, is done up with pristine white linen.

The life size yet soothing art work on the left wall does a brilliant job of complementing the room and the earthy rug on the floor. The colourful strands on the upholstery add an element of fun. Sliding doors lead into a closet full of alcoves and pretty delights. The best part about this bedroom is the natural light that streams in through the massive glazing on the right. It also offers a spectacular view of the pool below.

Beaming Sunshine and Some Good Old Outdoor Time

The terrace of this house is an idyllic place that offers an unhindered view of the sprawling city. With comfortable and sleek outdoor furniture as well as sturdy wooden planks for the floor, it makes for a snug spot to sun bathe by day and a lovely, breezy spot for a sky high party by night!

The Cube House is a meeting ground for the elegant and the whimsical. The décor brings in a much needed dose of fun and the loft like layout makes it a place where you can put your feet up and relax! For more creative ideas, check out this home tour – A Home with a Taste for Good Life.

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