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A Stunning Apartment Bathed in Ethereal Beauty

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Designer de Interiores e Paisagista Iara Kílaris Modern dining room White
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Chic style statements and brilliant ideas await you at this property in Brazil. Apartamento São Paulo combines futuristic concepts and charming aesthetic touches to create a stunning vision. The lighting and materials used here, come together to produce a scenic effect that leaves a mark on the senses.

Rendered by the visionary group at Designer De Interiores E Paisagista Iara Kilaris, this home has been designed with rich overtures of elegance and shining examples of luxury. It reflects the rich South American culture and traditions, and portrays the desire for a fashionable lifestyle. The bright hues used in this house remind you of the natural diversity of Brazil. So let's take a tour to find out more. 

Glossy White Finishes for a Luxurious Touch

The living and dining space is an opulent zone that relies on white for that heavy duty dose of understated elegance and classic designer magic. White – as unfailing as always – delivers that strong punch with panache.

The furniture is plush and fills the expansive space with its sleek contours. The sectional sofa especially, is our favourite with its wrap around low shelf and the greens that dot it for a natural and chic look. To the side lies a wooden dining table, sitting pretty next to the massive glass walls so that you can enjoy breakfast with a view!

Jaw Dropping Good Looks in the Dining Room

Speaking of food, the next area is the dining room. Now, our disclaimer is that you may have to reclaim your jaw from the floor when you walk into this grand space. The understated beauty of the room is used to the full advantage of the remaining characters that play strong supporting roles here.

Food will be the last thing on your mind as you decide on what to rest your attention on first: the modish globular chandelier of crystal suspended to throw light onto the table, or the ten seater dining table which is basically a hunk of glossy finish with classy chairs, or the wood panelled serviette that lies at one end with a mirrored wall standing next to it.

Pops of Colour in the Kitchen

Now, if the dining room wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, here’s some more food for thought. The kitchen is a visual fantasy where the modern meets the retro, thanks to the bright orange kitchen island with its delicate contours. Before we go too deep into the past, the smart industrial looking pendant lights remind us of the modern times we happen to inhabit.

Taking a Cue from the Colourful Kitchen

The study takes a cue from the vibrant kitchen and creates a stunning picture. The sunset sky is captured beautifully on the wall, and features helicopters returning after a seemingly fierce air battle. The pop of yellow on the wall mounted desk beckons you to sit down and enjoy a few hours of creativity. The red wall of shelves behind the revolving chair adds dollops of fun!

Colour Me Royal

Of all the super sized elegant bedrooms in the home, this one captured our attention and kept it secure with the dreamy environs and soothing palette. Whether it is the cloudy sky and its recessed lighting above, or the fancy staircase and the castle bed – we could not have asked for a more imaginative space. Hardwood, utilitarian shelves and full length mirrors complete the look!

Icing On the Cake: A Luxury Laden Bathroom

This is one bathroom you will not want to leave! The marble and granite floor and counter tops seem to almost merge into each other like clouds meeting the sky. Pretty floral arrangements line the sink, right under the massive mirror. A TV sits mounted on the wall while the lighting in the layered ceiling does the rest of the trick!

For a truly luxurious vibe, a tour through this home is an absolute must! The abode is made up of awe-inspiring elements and lavish touches. The result is a stunning vision which is ready to take on the future. For more creative ideas, check out this home tour – A breathtaking villa with a stunning view.

What do you like most about this tour? Please share with us in your comments below.
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