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Homes should be a combination of beauty, style and livability. Unless your gorgeous home exudes the character and style that you represent, the joy of living in such a home can be short- lived. This gorgeous and stylish home in Mumbai created by the interior designers and decorators of A DESIGN STUDIO is simply one-of-a-kind. It is exceptional in terms of the wonderful and unique elements incorporated while using subtlety to make space look larger and more spacious.

Classic Style

This is a wonderful and spacious room for a living space. The large white sofas are spacious, royal and luxurious giving an impression of roominess. The bright orange seating arrangement works as the bright spot in the room. The colours merge and blend easily to create the perfect look for this room. The soft colours of grey and tan have been used intermittently to keep with the subtle theme. The soft rug seems to pull the entire look together.

Grand appearance

Another look at this space gives you a perfect view of the balance in design. While the soft whites of the sofas and the Ottomans seem to create the perfect pure, clean and sophisticated look, the wall opposite the sofas creates the right contrast. The brown which frames the grey patterned wall, houses the beautiful and dark TV which creates a further sleek and stylish look for this space here. The false ceiling seeks your attention as the lights placed at equal intervals creates a wonderful play of light and dark.

Interesting effects

Dark grey is the colour of choice here in this room and using those tones, this bedroom has been put together to present a cool and formal look. The designers have been careful not to make the room dark and that has been possible thanks to the use of whites A dark wood flooring seems to merge into the background but keeps with the overall theme here. The maroon chair is the lone crusader against the darker shades and it does come out looking like the hero of the story here!

Bright bedroom

Considering the other spaces in the house, this room has a ton of lighter colours that seem to brighten and lighten this space. The same dark wood floors have been used here yet they create a wonderfully distinct look for this room. By using off-whites and a wonderful tan colour, the designers have created the perfect contrasts in here. Thanks to the clever designing the rooms do not look small or restricted. The MDF wall which has been put against the back of the bed acts as an attractive backdrop for the other accents put inside the room.7 Bedroom ideas for married couples.

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