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When we talk about houses made of natural stone and more traditional composites, like certain bricks, we tend to think of a multitude of possibilities—both good and bad. But today, we're here to tell you otherwise: to revoke those memories of musty farmyards and unsatisfying holiday rentals in Wales; replacing them, rather, with ones of pure imagination, beauty and charm. Take a look…  

Brick is red

​A classic look with a rather interesting façade and gable combination. This house is a good take on what we often perceive to be a fairly standard and not particularly attractive type of brick. Good work from the guys at Open.

Italian framhouse

This is a rustic retreat that you wouldn't forget in a long time. An Italian dream house, situated in southern Sardinia. Look at the amount of character these stones bring to the face of this home and how each part of that garden wall seems to tell a story of its own. 

In the country

If you like a bit of the above, you’re sure to fall in love with this fine project from this designer, from Barcelona. An exceptionally charming home, especially with all that lovely green climbing up the side of it. One can imagine themselves lying in that hammock, enjoying the smells of the orchard in the summer and all the time being able to admire that blinding stonework on their home. 

The safe house

This project has received critical acclaim on our other homify portals in Europe. 'The safe house' is a rather unusual architectural project, from Polish firm KWK Promes, that incorporates a home with that of a fall out shelter, of sorts. Able to be completely shut off from the outside world, this house pushes the boundaries of what we consider safe to a new level! 

Got a stone house yourself? Or have any ideas or dreams for having your own? Let us know in the comments. 

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