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How to find stunning wardrobe design ideas for the bedroom

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Minimalist bedroom by homify Minimalist
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Wardrobes are a part of every bedroom. As a result, we look at them as functional rather than decorative, but a beautiful wardrobe design can transform the appearance of a bedroom, elevating it from ordinary to exceptional. How does one identify the right design for the bedroom? What colours or materials are ideal for bedroom wardrobes? We present images of 25 stunning wardrobes to provide inspiration for adding a stylish element to a bedroom.

1. Artistic wardrobe designs

Residence at Powai Minimalist bedroom by A Design Studio Minimalist
A Design Studio

Residence at Powai

A Design Studio

Besides decorating the walls with beautiful wall paper or art, the doors of the bedroom wardrobe can present an additional surface for decorating the room. An image or motif that blends with the rest of the décor is ideal.

2. Transparent wardrobe design

If one likes the idea of a walk-in closet, but the room is not large enough for it, an option with see-through doors is one of the modern wardrobe designs that one can use for the bedroom. Keeping the frame of the closet in the same shade brings a cohesiveness to the design, while the lighter wood for the shelves and drawers provides a nice contrast.

One can get a simple wardrobe built by a professional carpenter.

3. Patchwork wardrobe designs

Instead of keeping the surface of the closet in a single colour, one can create a quilted design using patches of different shades.

4. Wardrobe door designs with mirrors

3 BHK apartment - RMZ Galleria, Bengaluru Modern style bedroom by KRIYA LIVING Modern

3 BHK apartment—RMZ Galleria, Bengaluru


When one is looking for wardrobe designs for small bedrooms, installing a mirror finish on the doors is an excellent solution as it reflects the light and space to make the room appear larger than it is. Keeping the wall colours light enhances the effect.

Get inspired by these modern wardrobe designs for the bedroom.

5. Printed wardrobe door designs

Room 2 wardrobe view Modern style bedroom by Creazione Interiors Modern
Creazione Interiors

Room 2 wardrobe view

Creazione Interiors

Another alternative is to have a pretty print on the doors of the wardrobe. We recommend mixing it up with a few doors in a solid colour so that the print doesn’t overpower the room.

6. Wardrobe design that resembles wall paneling

When the room is large enough for a wall to wall wardrobe, installing a closet with dual-toned wood elements that contrast the lighter shades throughout the rest of the room can bring sophistication to the bedroom.

7. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe design

Building a wardrobe that covers the entire vertical length of the wall is a functional idea as one won’t run out of storage space. However, in this design, a darker closet can make the room look crammed, whereas a lighter shade will look dull. Mixing up dark tones on the wardrobe doors with lighter colours for the upper tier of cabinets can solve this problem.

8. Wardrobe design with wood and metal

PRIVATE RESIDENCE SANTACRUZ Modern style bedroom by smstudio Modern



To break the monotony of wood covering the entire length of the wardrobe doors, one can include a band of metal to provide a pleasant contrast to built in wardrobe designs.

9. Providing a contrast on wardrobe doors

Single-toned wardrobe door designs can get a stylish boost with the addition of a contrasting strip of wood or a bold colour.

10. Varied designs

First floor master bedroom wardrobe Modern style bedroom by Hasta architects Modern
Hasta architects

First floor master bedroom wardrobe

Hasta architects

Instead of restricting the wardrobe design to a single material or colour, it’s a clever idea to incorporate different elements in different sections of the wardrobe. Replicating the same design on both sides helps to create a mirror image that brings symmetry to the area.

11. Reflecting wardrobe doors

master bedroom Classic style bedroom by homify Classic

master bedroom


An alternative to using mirrors, especially for those who follow Vastu Shastra and don’t want the mirror to reflect the bed as it is inauspicious, using a shiny laminate is a suitable option.

12. Sliding wardrobe design with traditional motifs and prints

Sliding wardrobe Asian style bedroom by homify Asian

Sliding wardrobe


Another idea for bringing a stunning element to the bedroom wardrobe is by including beautiful block prints or motifs on the door to contrast the wood or solid colour.

13. Scandinavian-design inspired

In a home with a minimalist or modern design, using a lighter shade of wood that complements the neutral tones in the rest of the room is an excellent idea.

14. Wardrobe design with abstract art

One can use the doors of the closet as a canvas for artistic prints. In a modern bedroom, abstract designs in neutral shades such as black, white and grey introduce a sophisticated look to the room.

15. Wardrobe design with irregular door shapes

Designer Bedroom Wardrobes - Origami Spaces( Modern style bedroom by homify Modern

Designer Bedroom Wardrobes—Origami Spaces(


Instead of adopting the conventional straight-lined hinged or sliding doors for the bedroom wardrobe one can adopt an irregular or asymmetric door to create a highlight, especially when the closet door is left open.

16. Carved designs or lattice-work on wardrobe doors

Replicating a carved pattern that appears in the furniture on to the wardrobe door not only brings synergy to the room décor but also adds beauty to a plain wardrobe.

17. Wardrobe design with tinted glass

Borivali Residence Asian style bedroom by Midas Dezign Asian
Midas Dezign

Borivali Residence

Midas Dezign

For those who don’t like the idea of having a transparent glass door for the wardrobe, using tinted glass is an alternative that protects the privacy of the closet, besides reflecting the space to make it look larger than it is.

Get more ideas on compact wardrobes for small bedrooms.

18. Simple wall to wall wardrobe

Sometimes in a small or narrow room that has limited space for storage, a simple wardrobe that stretches in between the walls is the best option. Keeping the doors white or another light shade helps to prevent the room from looking crammed.

19. Wardrobe design with horizontal bands

In a narrow bedroom, designing the wardrobe doors with horizontal bands in a contrasting shade helps to create the visual impression of a wider space.

20. Sophisticated grey wardrobe

Dark grey is a trendy colour for modern bedrooms. It’s an excellent choice for a wardrobe, especially when contrasted with brighter shades such as green or cream that bring a cheerful feel to the ambiance.

21. Wardrobe with a reflecting band

When looking at wardrobe designs for small bedrooms, if using a mirror door is not an option, then an alternative is to have a small band of reflective material running through the centre. This way, it won’t reflect the person lying on the bed (a point that is considered inauspicious as per Vastu Shastra) but will make the room appear spacious by reflecting the area.

22. Reflective laminates

Instead of using mirrors on the wardrobe doors of small bedrooms to make the room appear larger than it is, one can choose a darker shade such as grey in a glossy finish to create the desired effect.

23. Dark shade with contrasting wood handles

Bachelor Pad Minimalist bedroom by Urbane Storey Minimalist
Urbane Storey

Bachelor Pad

Urbane Storey

Nowadays, darker shades such as Navy or midnight blue are trendy colours due to which homeowners like to use them for wardrobes. To prevent the colour from overpowering the area, one can introduce a refreshing contrast with a lighter shade of wood near the handle or in the centre.

24. Alternating tones

To prevent a modern bedroom from looking too dull the neutral tones on the wardrobe doors can be alternated to break the monotony.

25. Using a texture for the wardrobe design

Mr. Udaybhan Singh Thakur Retirement Home Minimalist bedroom by al-Haadi Interiors Minimalist
al-Haadi Interiors

Mr. Udaybhan Singh Thakur Retirement Home

al-Haadi Interiors

Textures are an excellent solution for bringing a new dimension to the design of a room. In a bedroom, one can do this by introducing a texture on one of the doors of the wardrobe.

While there are several alternatives for getting an eye-catching wardrobe design for the bedroom, it’s vital that the material, colour and style blends with the rest of the room’s décor. Additionally, the wardrobe should be functional, which is its main purpose in the bedroom. It’s advisable to consult an interior designer for suggestions on the type of wardrobe that is best suited for a bedroom.

Which of these wardrobe designs is your favourite? Answer in the comments.
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