9 different style of seating arrangements for small living rooms

3 bedroom residential project Alkapuri, Hyderabad. colourschemeinteriors Minimalist living room Plywood
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For majority of us, ordinary people living a normal life in the city homes of urban world; elaborate and exquisitely designed living rooms are something we see in Bollywood movies, expensive interior decoration magazines or in our dreams. But reality is something very different from it. Where the space crunch in ever growing city is constantly shrinking the home space, what we get is small living space, the layout of which challenges the inventiveness and tests our ability to make the most of the limited space. It is easy to get lured by lavish living space, but it is creatively gratifying to make the warm small living space friendly and spacious just by the arrangement of the seats in the living room. Have a look at these 9 seating arrangements for the small living room and get inspired to make your living room warm and welcoming.

​1. Pushed towards the wall

A long living room with a narrow open space sandwiched between two walls the only available space is the walls. We also prefer to have the TV in the living room, so keep a comfortable sofa on the opposite wall of the TV. This simple living room is made tantalizing by attention-grabbing wall paper on the wall behind the TV. All furniture is arranged all along the wall creating an illusion of depth. When entertaining guests, pull the movable dining table seats and enjoy the company. You can also have sofa cum bed here instead of plain sofa. It’s a boon for city homes. Though this type of arrangements offers minimum seating options, but the floor is open for casual seating. Enjoy it!

2. ​The layout in the shape of L

3 bedroom residential project Alkapuri, Hyderabad. colourschemeinteriors Minimalist living room Plywood

3 bedroom residential project Alkapuri, Hyderabad.


Welcoming like an open arm, the adjacent walls can be used to make an arrangements for L-shaped seats. This arrangement looks informal and inviting and makes the flow of conversation smooth. The positive thing with the shape of L is that the challenging corner is well utilized creating more seating space.

​3. Utility of U-shape




The beauty with the U-shape arrangement is that all the walls can be utilized fully creating more than sufficient space for all. It is quite inviting and encouraging for conversation to flow from all the three sides.

​4. Partitioning without the wall

One piece resting along the wall and the other sofa acting as a partition between the living and dining room is a perfect way to divide the integrated space without erecting a wall. Instead, a sofa is used to symbolically separate the space and in the process makes an intimate seating arrangement for the family to enjoy the time together and entertain the guests.

​5. One with the wings

Residence at Dwarka Design Essentials Modern living room
Design Essentials

Residence at Dwarka

Design Essentials

This is quite common arrangement in any living room, big or small. A central sofa is flanked by two smaller sofas on two sides. You can always adjust the size of the furniture according to the size of your room. Or if you wish, you can also mix and match the central sofa with two chairs and bring in youthful vibe into the room.

​6. Seating face to face

A parallel layout for the ones who enjoy talking and for whom time spent in living space is for serious bonding time. This seating arrangement assures that there will be nothing apart from chatting and gossiping, not even TV viewing since no wall is empty to hang it.

​7. Four is not a crowd

Living seating area homify Modern living room

Living seating area


Four is definitely not a crowd in the living room of the family who loves to spend time together with family and friends. Invite your friends and enjoy the time together with ample seating arrangement on the all the four side around the centre table. The other advantage of this style of arrangement is that TV viewing will uncomfortable at least from one side. So keep the TV away!

​8. Comfy inward seating for all

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Three way comfortable seating arrangements with open option for more addition or subtraction of more seats create an opportunity for the family to sit in the comfortable surrounding and enjoy each other’s company. The fourth wall can be used for TV or leave it blank; it’s all up to you.

9. Connected to earth

It’s the most comfortable informal seating arrangement any home can have. Anyway, we Indians love to sit on the floor for that extra comfort and intimacy. It will allow you to stretch and relax in the homey surroundings. For the elders of the home, keep the chairs ready.

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