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How to decide on the right location for a bed in the bedroom

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When designing a bedroom or giving the room a makeover, one of the questions that come to mind is what is the right location for a bed within the room? As per Vastu Shastra, pointing one’s head towards the north can cause disturbed sleep, stress and poor circulation. However, in modern apartments and houses, it’s not always possible to set the headboard of the bed in a suitable direction, because of the location of either the wardrobes or a window in the bedroom. How does one decide on the perfect bed placement in bedrooms? What factors should be considered before arranging the bed? We’ve put together tips and solutions to make the decision easier.

Is the best location for a bed against the main wall of the bedroom?

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Guest Bedroom

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The simple solution is to place the headboard of the bed against the main wall of the room. However, Vastu practitioners, interior designers and architects will argue that this isn’t necessarily correct. It depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the room, the direction the main wall faces, the room behind the wall, the position of the doors and windows, among other things. For instance, if the main wall has pipes running through it to service the attached bath, then the sound of water rushing through to flow out of an open tap or to flush the toilet can disturb one’s sleep, thereby making it an unsuitable location for a bed.

What’s the best location for a bed as per Vastu Shastra?

When looking for the best position of the bed in bedrooms, Vastu practitioners recommend the placement of the headboard against a wall in the south or the east. The reason for this is that pointing the head towards the north will result in the magnetic forces of the north pole contributing to sleeplessness and stress. If the bed has the headboard in the west, then the feet point towards the east, which is inauspicious as per Vastu. The exception is for a guest bedroom, where it’s all right for the headboard to be in the west.

Which direction should the bed face? Get bedroom Vastu Shastra tips that help to answer the question.

Is the best location for a bed opposite the bedroom door?

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While it’s nice to have the bed facing the door so that one sees who is entering, it’s not advisable to have the bed in a location that compromises the privacy of the area by presenting a complete view of the bedroom from outside. Some cultures also consider it inappropriate to have the legs pointing towards the door when lying on the bed. Therefore, the best location for a bed in the room is as far away from the door as possible but at a place where one can see when it opens.

Some homeowners prefer to place the bed against the wall that the door shares. However, from a safety perspective, it’s best to be able to see the bedroom door.

What’s the best location for a bed in relation to the windows in the bedroom?

Amanora Park Pune - Pent House:  Bedroom by DECOR DREAMS

Amanora Park Pune—Pent House


Windows bring natural light into the room besides offering a view of the outdoors. In a bedroom that has a lovely view outside the windows, placing the headboard of the bed under the window takes away the joy of seeing the beautiful sight when lying on the bed. However, the room’s layout can influence the final decision when deciding where to put a bed in a room with windows. Quite often, in a small apartment or studio, the only option might be to arrange the headboard against the window. In such cases, one should ensure that the headboard doesn’t block the light coming into the room. If the windows are in the west, glazing the windows or installing thick curtains to filter the amount of sunlight entering the room will be essential to keep the bedroom cool and comfortable during the summer months. Similarly, facing the bed towards windows on the east wall might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if they don’t like waking up to bright sunlight in their eyes.

It’s best to consult an interior architect or designer for innovative bed in front of window solutions. They can advise on the best direction according to the locate climate as in a colder region, placing the headboard against the bed won’t be suitable as the cold air entering the room can affect one’s health. Additionally, the windows can interfere with the insulation, resulting in the utilization of more energy resources to maintain a comfortable temperature around the bed.

What is the best location for a bed in relation to the wardrobes?

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A Design Studio

The design of the wardrobes and its doors can influence the decision regarding the placement of the bed. For instance, in a small bedroom, there should be enough passage space between the bed and the wardrobe even when its doors are open. If it seems crammed, one should rearrange the bed to improve movement within the area.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the effect of mirrors. Mirrored wardrobe surfaces are a common tool that interior designers employ to make a room appear more spacious than it is. However, as per Vastu Shastra, it’s inauspicious to have a mirror in a place where one can see one’s reflection when lying down. Therefore, the design and layout of the room should work out a compromise between both schools of thought to create a comfortable location for a bed so that it doesn’t affect the health or fortune of its occupants.

Find more tips on how to design a perfect bedroom.

So, is there a perfect location for a bed in the bedroom?

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A Design Studio

here’s no single solution that can work across bedrooms of different sizes and layouts. So, where should a bed be placed in a bedroom? One needs to consider the size of the room, the location of the doors and windows, the direction of the main wall, and the location of the adjoining bathroom or dressing area among other elements before deciding on the best spot for the bed. In a large room, it might even be possible to arrange the bed like an island that floats in the middle of the area to create a cosier look. Similarly, in a studio apartment where the bedroom shares the area with a living room, placing the headboard against the windows might be the best solution to optimise the space in the home.

For those who believe in Vastu Shastra, placing the bed at an angle to avoid the inauspicious direction might be the best remedy for designing the layout of the room. In the end, finding the perfect location for a bed is all about the preferences and comfort of the occupants of the bedroom. A layout that encourages a restive ambiance is ideal as the bedroom is a place for relaxation. One can experiment with various arrangements before deciding on the one that seems the most appropriate. Alternatively, consulting a professional, whether it’s a Vastu expert or an interior designer can simplify the process as the have extensive experience in putting together bedrooms that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Which is your preferred location for placing the bed? Leave a comment with your answer.
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