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DIY Ideas for incorporating Duckboards in the home

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Duckboards are rugged wooden platforms that can be used for different purposes within the house to take advantage of their ability to shed water.  These were first created as short bridges over wet and muddy stretches of land that could not be avoided, without worrying about falling in the mud. Duckboards are usually made out of water resistant wood varieties like cedar, cypress, tea or redwood and used for safety matting in the shower area or as garden walkways and poolside furniture as they drain out water easily. Traditional duckboards were made of narrow slats of wood that were mounted next to each other on slim pieces of wood to hold them together. All the slats used on duckboards have smooth rounded edges and are placed in areas with damp floors to allow easy evaporation of water. While duckboards have been used primarily for flooring, the design of wood planks across perpendicular pieces of wood is also used in making packing palettes and boxes.

Here are some imaginative ways in which people have made useful decorative items out of duckboards by using them in different forms to suit their personal purpose

Boxes for the garden

Tired of lugging mud pots across the garden to make changes in the landscape? Then make duck board boxes that will help to move several pots together and also to move other garden stuff like mulch and plants. The simple boxes visible in the garden have been designed out of dismantled pallet boxes and have been fitted with wheels for easy movement . They can easily be dragged around with pitchfork or forked stick to remove small potted plants from the nursery to their designated place in the garden. You can also plant small seasonal flowering plants into these boxes that do not require deep soil for their roots.

Hanging Wall shelf to hold stuff

Want to create inexpensive DIY open wall shelves that will perform twin functions of storage and display? Then use your artistic flair to make wooden shelves with basic design layout of duckboards for displaying items that you want onlookers to admire. To give a  rustic charm to this bakery, decorator firm Macizo Carpinteria have created open shelves designed with wood and have given them pristine white finish which is typical of countryside bakeries. The trendy crisscross design makes the goodies stored in them clearly visible to buyers from a fair distance so hot, freshly baked muffins can quickly fly off these shelves.

Shoe Shelf

Shoe shelves made of duckboards offer an environment friendly option to hold shoes in trendy racks that can be kept near the entrance. The best part of duckboard shoe shelves is that they can be made as a DIY exercise with a bit of planning and creativity over a couple of weekends; If you can spare the time. The shabby chic shoe rack visible here can be made with reclaimed wood from old palettes or packing boxes after cutting and attaching them together perfectly. Designed with spacious shelves this shoe rack is a perfect product to be stored under the staircase for convenience of users. Built like a dresser the shoe-rack has drawers on topside for storing small shoe care products like duster, polish and brushes.

Sign Board

Signboards and noticeboards are as essential within a home as much as they are in an office and usually the refrigerator door becomes an impromptu notice board within the house. If you have old timber planks lying around in the garage then you can make this trendy notice board that can double up as a key holder and mail rack. The wooden boards here have been nailed close together and glued to each other to make a plain surface that would be suitable for a notice board to write messages or to stick notes. The most important task in making notice board with duckboards is the precise measuring that has to done for each plank to fit perfectly above the base slat. The base slats of the front and rear boards work as holders to keep letters and loose stationery.

Planter cover

Delicate plants like orchids and few cactus varieties which are unable to bear frost and chill air need protection and have to be either brought into the house or kept within temperature controlled glass houses. But these two options may not be possible for people with large gardens and massive collection of exotic tropical plants who cannot afford hot houses for them. Under these difficult circumstances planter covers are the best option that comprise of large boxes with lids that can hold several small plant tubs and can be covered from top to keep the plants safe. Duckboard design has been used to make this simple planter cover with reclaimed wood slats which has even sized gaps between the planks to allow the plant to take in sufficient air and sunlight for photosynthesis while draining out extra water.

Magazine Rack

Every home requires a neat stand or table to stack newspapers and magazines in the living room and nothing suits this requirement better than this trendy fold-able magazine rack. The designer has cut slim pieces of wood in the shape of sticks to fit into the upper frame to hold the magazines in place while the lower section is bare. This magazine rack can be made even with duckboards by using traditional design on top section and removing planks from lower section. It can even be made as a DIY experiment if you have the right size of wooden palettes that can be reshaped into two frames that can be fixed together at mid base.

For innovative ideas to use pallets in your home refer to his interesting ideabook.

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