17 simple and practical Vastu ideas for a happy home

RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR, MYSORE. (www.depanache.in) De Panache - Interior Architects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs Stone Grey
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The modern trend is ready-to-move in houses where architectural changes are not possible. If you are a believer of Vastu and believe that it is a gateway to bring in peace in your life and happiness in your home, don’t get dishearten or deter by small flaws in your new home. The vastness of our nature and simple principles of Vastu creates an opportunity to correct these small hitches without making major alterations. Vastu guidelines are based on scientific principles which work to create balance between the five elements of nature—earth, wind, water, fire and space. The fundamental aim of Vastu is to bring in harmony between these energies of nature with an aim to welcome peace and harmony into the home and provide a structured and convenient life for the inhabitants which can be achieved by simple addition or subtraction and knowing the right directions. So today we have brought for you 17 feasible and simple changes which you can make in your ready-to-move in home to make it Vastu compliant. Even if you are a non-believer in Vastu, just try it once!

​1. The door to happiness

Vaishnavi Terraces, 3 BHK - Ms. Supriya DECOR DREAMS Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Vaishnavi Terraces, 3 BHK—Ms. Supriya


Even happiness and prosperity enter our home through the entrance door. Make it look welcoming! Empty walls of the entrance feel dull and look empty. Decorate it and make it lively. Place a statue or picture of Lord Ganesha at the entrance for divine blessings.

​2. Meditative meditation

Prayer and meditation is essential for spirituality and peace in the home. North-east direction is best place for it. Make your pooja room here where you can sit and meditate.

​3. The food-factory of the home

Kitchen place an important part in maintaining the relationship and health of the family. Family binds over food. So make sure that sink and gas stove is kept at maximum distance since water and fire are contradictory energy. It should be kept away from each other.

​4. Flush out the negative energy

Bathroom is a place where negative energy tends to accumulate. Place natural green plants and candles in the bathroom to flush out negative energy and bring in positive energy and brightness into the space.

​5. Direction of the bedroom

The ideal direction for the couple’s bedroom is in the south-west direction. It enhances the relationship between them.

​6. Single mattress on the bed

For a blissful married life, keep single mattress on the bed. Even if the bed is double, still order a single mattress for the bed instead of two separate mattresses.

​7. The bedroom etiquette

Amanora Park Pune - Pent House DECOR DREAMS Modern style bedroom

Amanora Park Pune—Pent House


For a happy and healthy relationship, bedroom should be flooded with natural light in day and artificial lights in the evening. It should not be left in darkness. Also keep it clean and clutter-free especially under the bed where you sleep.

​8. Shades of peace

Headboard and ceiling design homify Modern style bedroom

Headboard and ceiling design


The wall of bedroom should have soothing colour on it. Opt for the shades of pastels or any light shade. Strictly avoid dark colours in the bedrooms.

​9. Edge of furniture

RESIDENTIAL PROJECT homify Eclectic style bedroom



The bedroom furniture should not have sharp edges. Sharpness of the edges acts as spear and cuts the energy which has adverse effect on the mind and soul and creates stress on the nervous system.

​10. Study table for proper concentration

Wardrobe and study homify Modern style bedroom

Wardrobe and study


The direction of the study table should be in the east for improvement in studies and proper concentrations.

​11. Count the doors and windows

Simple straight lines Cubism Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Simple straight lines


It is believed that even number is lucky for home. So check on the number of doors and windows in the home. Make sure it is even in numbers.

​12. Scenery on the wall

For clarity in thought and good vision, hang a painting of scenery depicting long road in the North-east direction.

​13. House of rising sun

Chandresh bhai interiors Vipul Patel Architects Modern living room
Vipul Patel Architects

Chandresh bhai interiors

Vipul Patel Architects

A picture of rising sun in the East direction will help in building good and healthy social relationship.

14. Healthy family relationship

Do hang a family picture in the south-west direction framed in golden or yellow frame for healthy and happy family relationship. For strong family bond you can also hang a picture of blooming sunflower.

15. Running water of fountain

The running water of fountain has healing effect and makes the environment calm and cool. Place it in the North-east direction for peace and harmony in the home.

​16. An aquarium in the home

1500 litre bespoke through wall aquarium in a Surrey home Aquarium Services Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Aquarium Services

1500 litre bespoke through wall aquarium in a Surrey home

Aquarium Services

A fish aquarium in the North-east direction of the home will reduce negative energy and bring in prosperity in the home and life of inhabitants.

​17. The Vastu pyramid

RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR, MYSORE. (www.depanache.in) De Panache - Interior Architects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs Stone Grey
De Panache —Interior Architects


De Panache - Interior Architects

A pyramid is an effective and inexpensive solution to curb all Vastu defects in the home or building in general. You just have to know the right place to put it. It should be placed in the strategic location in the house, like the center of the home, specific room or even an energetic key point. Consult an expert who will suggest the right location for pyramid in your home.

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Did you find these tips helpful? Do let us know.

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