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6 reasons why you need a ceramic sink in your home!

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Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom that you are giving a makeover, sinks are definitely something that will be on the top of your list. Sinks come in various shapes, sizes, colors and materials making it quite a task to decide what is best for you. While a lot of focus and attention was given to every other fitting or fixture, sinks in general would get the least attention. However, of late things are changing a lot and homeowners are more careful and choosy about the sinks they narrow down on. Do take a look at some of these carefully thought out and creative sink designs.

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are available in stainless steel, ceramic, stone, granite, marble and in some places, even in wood. Here are 6 reasons why you should opt for a ceramic sink over any other.


Price plays an important factor while deciding on your kitchen or bathroom's sink. You may be tempted to spend more on other fittings or accessories too. Ceramic sinks come in all price ranges right from budget to luxury. Be rest assured though that there are a wide range of ceramic sink options available to suit all pockets. Some of the more modern brands and designs come with a bigger price tag, however there are more economical options too.


A mention of ceramic sinks brings to mind images of sparkling white sinks. Though white or cream colored ceramic sinks are the commonly available, you must know that ceramic sinks even come in black or colored versions. You can take your pick to match the overall color scheme of the kitchen worktop or your bathroom. Painted ceramic sinks are very different and classy in their own way. They can easily be the showstopper in your room with their bright colors and designs. In short, ceramic sinks are sure to add class and charm to your kitchen and bathrooms, whether white, colored or painted.

Do take a look at these stunning painted ceramic sinks to get some more perspective on the options you have.

Easy to install

Ceramic sinks are easy to install as well. Since they are one of the oldest types of sinks in use, the technique and know how needed to install them is less complicated. In fact there are several DIY resources available online with step by step instructions to install your sink yourself. With all the right tools we are sure you can install your ceramic sink without much trouble. Constant abrasion may lead to chips and cracks in the ceramic, hence you ought to be careful while installing your ceramic sink. And since ceramic is usually heavy, it is important to give it enough support so that risk of it falling down is avoided.

Easy to maintain

Just as the price or ease of installation matter a lot while deciding on a sink, so is the ease of maintenance. And the fact that both your kitchen and bathroom needs to be spotlessly clean and hygienic at all times, calls for frequent cleaning and maintenance of your sinks. Ceramic is very easy to maintain and clean. All you need is water, some soapy solution and a clean sponge. If there is some tough cleaning needed a vinegar and water solution will help too. The other good thing with ceramic is that it does not get stained. If cleaned well on an ongoing basis you can very easily make your ceramic sinks look clean and shiny for years.

No Rust

Rusty sinks are a real put off. Thankfully ceramic does not rust. Stainless steel sinks tend to develop cuts and dents over time. Rusting is also common. Kitchen and bathroom sinks would be wet for most parts of the day, and keeping the risk of rusting at bay is therefore very important. Once rusting begins, no amount of cleaning would help you restore your sink as it was before. Opt for ceramic sinks to keep you away from the risk of rust.


Ceramic sinks are most hygienic. They do not retain any stains from food or grime and are easy to clean and maintain. Ceramic in general is more hygienic as it does not absorb any food smells or flavors. You may have children or elderly people at home, for whom hygiene is very important. Maintaining a squeaky clean sinks is best possible with ceramic. A clean sink can uplift the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom and speaks volumes about the extra mile that you went by deciding on ceramic.

And with your sink taken care of, you can move to some more aesthetic planning for a bathroom full of nature, with tips from this ideabook.

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