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Bedroom design ideas from architects in Mumbai

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An important aspect of the home is the functionality. Unless there is a perfect amalgamation of elegant design with spaces that are effective, you will be left with a home that is simply decorative and stylish. The architects of HINGE ARCHITECTS, Mumbai have created one-of-a-kind ideas for interiors in homes. The bedrooms featured here showcase style, elegance and sophistication.

​Graceful and gorgeous bedroom

This lovely room reminds one of being in a room made of logs within a forest. While the logs may be missing, the tones and shades match. The lovely soft rug adds to the charm of this space.

​Stylish room

This room is unique and exceptional with twin low beds. The comfortable and luxurious beds have been accentuated by warm lighting and blinds to match.

​Formal bedroom

The lovely wood flooring has been accentuated by masculine colours such as the royal blue which has been added in as an accent colour. The exceptional lighting which has been used in the ceiling adds a wonderful feel to this room.

​Whimsical bedroom

Any child would love to own this space. Not only will they feel proud about showing off this space to friends, but a whimsical room such as this can bring out the best in the child. The lovely veil hanging by the crown on the wall is the crowning (pun intended!) glory to the room.

​Great room

The murals and the 3D art on the walls adds a wonderful dimension to this room. The blue bed sits on a well-lit platform creating a wonderful and interesting effect. The wood flooring makes this entire space glow with charm.

​Chocolate room

Nothing can be more romantic or relaxing than a room that reminds you of everything sweet and chocolaty. The brown tones of this room are precious and comforting. The bed seems luxurious and royal.

​Opulent room

This regal space is everything that you may experience in a star hotel and while the bed alone can make you feel like a king or a queen, the furnishings, the drapes and the chandelier add another level of luxury to this space.

Charming space

This lovely little space is excellent as it offers something for whatever you are in the mood for. The cute little ledge is perfect on a rainy day, while you can think about taking breakfast in bed on a lazy day. Use the ledge as a work area and you will feel perfectly at home!

​Stately bedroom

This lovely bedroom is formal and elegant. This could be due to the colours that have been used. Black can contribute a formality to any space and by combining it with softer and subtle shades, the tone has been balanced well.8 amazing ideas to decorate the walls of your house.

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