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A Grand Sprawling Home for Lavish Living

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Modern houses by Cactus Arquitetura e Urbanismo Modern
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Today we will take a tour of a spacious and lively home in Brazil. Designed by Cactus Arquitetura E Urbanismo, architects in Sao Paulo in Brazil, Casa Brooklin is a modern mansion. Hence, it has cleverly blended open spaces with modern architecture, clearly sticking to the ideology of flexible designs. Yet, the element of experimentation is evident as it showcases a post-modern style in its facade and its interiors.

Sao Paulo is known for unusual juxtapositions. Horizontal housings and mirrored skyscrapers are some of the innovative designs that have created quite a stir. A lot of experimentation has been done in forms and structure. Fresh ideas are encouraged; and keeping with the bohemian effervescence of the city, Sao Paolo has witnessed a havoc change in its art and architecture. So let’s begin to explore this sprawling mansion.

A striking facade and garden

As we take a 360 degree view of the residence, the first thing that strikes us is the owner’s focus on leisurely needs. The recliners or the deck chairs by the side of the swimming pool (not shown here) under the large palm tree gives away a tropical feel. The gardenand an open relaxation area are classically tropical, and cater to the holiday spirit. And as you lounge on the chairs, you will feel a sense of tranquillity slowly seeping in.

Complying with the tropical spirit, comfortable rattan sofas and loungers have also been stacked on the other side of the wooden deck. The bright cushions truly reflect the spirit of Brazil. And what better way to spend your time than vacationing at home? The open dining area adds to the beauty of this place. And the zone is perfect for a barbecue outing with family and friends.

An interesting bedroom

Space is never a constraint in this home. And as you look at this bright and beautiful bedroom, you understand the true meaning of space. The bed looks alluring with vibrant cushions cutting through the monotony of white. The printed upholstery of the cosy armchairs helps to keep the colourful vibe alive.

But the most interesting aspect of the bedroom is the television which is mounted on the ceiling. It unfurls when required and can fold up to blend with the ceiling when not needed. So you can simply lie on your bed and spend your idle hours watching the television, even if you don’t feel like dragging yourself to the living room.

A luxurious bathroom

The first thing that you notice in the bathroom is the visually interesting mosaic walls and clever use of glass. The large mirror and the shower enclosure are designed in such a manner, so that the concept of open space is not compromised. Your view remains unobstructed and gives you a sense of more space than there actually is.

The large window that overlooks the bathtub encourages uninterrupted flow of light keeping the bathroom airy and bright. The sinks are quite spacious and flaunt a smooth soft colour palette. There is also ample storage space beneath them.

The modern kitchen

The kitchen is an interesting mix of colours. One side of the kitchen is devoted to a wall-to-wall window which keeps the room airy and fresh. The shelves and cupboards are stacked below the sink countertop, for easy organisation. Going by the size of the refrigerator, it is evident that it caters to a large family.

A small cosy dining table with four chairs in one corner is reserved for early morning coffee and fast breakfasts. The wall beside the table features a happy sunny look. The mosaic tiles and the yellow shelves and cupboards create a much-needed diversion from the surrounding whiteness. And because chefs also need to relax, a small TV is perched cleverly on a shelf overlooking the dining table.

A well-planned living space

Even the simplest things can contribute to the beauty of a living room. The asymmetrical shelves for displaying decorative pieces on either side of the walled cabinet are uncomplicated. The colours of the sofas create visual interest. Who would have thought that the combination of red, brown and white can create a refreshing mix?

The presence of flowers makes this place more inviting. There is scope for ample light to come in through the smart blinds. The long center table is in sync with the chic patterned divan opposite the white sofa. The back of the brown sofa has been used cleverly to create an open cabinet for storing magazines.

A dazzling dining area

It is well-known fact that a family that eats together is a happy family. To keep the happiness quotient intact, there is a large dining table which can easily accommodate eight people. And if you open the sliding doors which divide the deck area from the dining space, you get to enjoy the view of the outdoors. The cushioned comfortable chairs are perfect for a long and relaxing dinner. The table is simple, elegant and rests under a gorgeous chandelier. Last but not the least, the clever illusion of extended space in this area has been created by the use of mirrors.

Not all homes can afford the luxury of space; but if you have one, you really need to keep it close to your heart. And Casa Brooklin gives you the unique opportunity to experience life in the lap of luxurious space. Here is another home tour to get your creative juices flowing – An opulent family home in a contemporary style.

What do you like most about this tour? Please share with us in your comments below.
Modern houses by Casas inHAUS Modern

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