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14 compact TV units for urban Indian homes

Indra hira bungalow Innerspace Modern living room
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Hate it or love it, but the reality is that we cannot deny the importance of TV in our home. At the end of the day it binds the family and inviting them to spend time together binding over the family’s favourite sitcom. In modern times when TV too has turned smarter and is at your service 24/7, it has taken the centre stage of home and family entertainment. It is quite justified to give the television and digital entertainment the appreciation and special place in our home which they deserve.  In urban homes when every inch of space matters, it is natural to opt for compact TV units but without compromising in style. Today we have brought for you 14 compact TV units for your city homes. Have a look!

​1. Elegance exemplified

CHATTARPUR FARM HOUSE, NEW DELHI homify Eclectic style media room Wood Beige



Pristine white wall, wooden floor and a TV unit in white and wood running from wall to wall, it’s perfect to enjoy some family time in the comfort of your home while lying on the floor. The beauty of this space is in its simplicity and the simple non-fussy design of the TV unit.

​2. Modern and contemporary

The minimalist approach of this simple and elegant TV unit gives the space a contemporary feel. Two rectangular, shiny and simple wooden boards join to form the unit where TV is kept. A grey panel running behind the TV from floor to ceiling is adding its bit in this modern setup of contemporary room.

​3. Mess of waves behind

The wavy copper and golden texture of the wall behind is in stark contrast against the plain black colour of the TV and it breaks the monotony of the design on the wall.

​4. Shine of backlit wall

Residential-3BHK-2400sft BNH DESIGNERS Modern living room



Texture of the wallpaper, simplicity of rectangular blocks, a simple unit on the floor, a TV hanging on the wall and beautiful lighting shining from the back; it’s elegantly stunning. All eyes will be glued even when it is switched off.

Another way to lit the back wall

Mr. Ehiya Residence at Tanjore Dwellion Modern living room

Mr. Ehiya Residence at Tanjore


Just to give some more idea to you to lit the wall behind the TV unit.

​5. Geometry of squares

Playing with the shape of square on the wall behind the TV and lights emancipating from the hidden source, the beauty of this unit is in the simplicity of same shape used in different making the space interesting.

​6. Painted on the wall

In this space, one large TV maintains in identity yet merges with several small paintings of the wall to become one of them. White TV unit of the floor disappears in its surrounding and becomes a part of it.

​7. Framed on the wall

Living room - Wall art ZEAL Arch Designs Modern living room
ZEAL Arch Designs

Living room—Wall art

ZEAL Arch Designs

Fixed on the niches of the wall, it looks like TV and speaker has been framed into the wall. In the name of TV unit there is just a simple box in olive green fixed to the wall and having drawers to keep the other gadgets.

​8. The brick wall

Family homify Rustic style living room Bricks



The brick wall is quite trendy, but surely using it as a wall to put on the TV is an innovative and bold idea. The antique look of the simple table beneath the TV complete the traditional feel in this modern setting.

​9. One for the book lover

Book shelve with TV unit homify Modern walls & floors

Book shelve with TV unit


Clean lines and angles of wooden shelves for the library of your home and a place in the middle left open to keep the TV, this is a perfect TV unit for the family of book lover for whom reading is also a part of entertainment.

​10. Matching the curves

A simple table holding the TV on its top matches with the curves of the furniture and fits perfectly with the décor. The best thing about it is that it is movable unit.

​11. Guarded by the showcase

The openness of integrated spaces is well complemented by the open shelves protecting the TV from three sides. Wood and wrought iron stands merges with the décor and other furniture of the room.

​12. Camouflaged design

Creativity can turn a simple area into a happing place. The strategic use of wood and grey has camouflaged the TV so well that it is lost in the décor.

​13. Clamouring for attention

Indra hira bungalow Innerspace Modern living room

Indra hira bungalow


The brightness of room, happy colours spread on the side wall and the warmth of wood fitted into the bended lines to make space for TV and simple unit below to hold the modern electronic gadgets; it’s stunning!

14. Partitioning the space

Partition the integrated space of your home in a functional way and partition it so that the view beyond the partition is blocked by the favourite show running on the TV.

Get more ideas to partition the space without using the wall: 12 Amazing ways to partition the space without the wall

Which of these TV units grabbed your attention? Let us know in the comments below.
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