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A 7BHK home in Bengaluru with classy designs

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Gorgeous accents with an exceptional design make this home pleasingly luxurious. By combining modern and traditional elements and using them creatively, the architects of IDEA ASSOCIATES, Bangalore have designed this duplex home that satisfies on every level. It is functional as it has simplicity in every aspect of its design, it is stylish as the rooms look balanced and subtle in terms of colour and space and finally it is elegant as a few accents that seem to elevate the sense of style have been included in here as well.

​Grand exteriors

The first look of the home impresses beyond words. With the home elevated and distributed on several levels, there is much scope for design and here a combination of browns and creams interspaced with elegant and charming lights seems to make for a wonderful statement.

​Sophisticated walkway

This entrance is classy and stylish straight away. The soft leather sofa makes its royal presence felt amongst the other more simplistic elements. The Buddha sits elegantly on a table while the main door to the home has a unique yet traditional touch to it. The black and white marble floor looks grand.

​Interesting outdoor space

The wonderful lounge swings are a perfect addition to this space that screams relaxation. The Buddha against the tree mural is not an unusual idea yet it has its own individuality in this space. The warm lighting and the stones in this area create the perfect atmosphere to unwind.

​Spacious kitchen

This beautiful kitchen is every chef’s (or budding chef!) dream. With large counters and abundant space in the fairly large drawers and cabinets, the kitchen presents a sophisticated and clutter-free look. The black granite that has been used makes for a wonderful black splash against the light colour wood that has been chosen.

​Distinctive stairs

These stairs make quite the statement in this room. Grey with stripes of black is unusual yet they are simplistically beautiful. The modern dining room is perfect in this space as it is surrounded by natural light and plants.

​Classy Bedroom

This cozy space has been designed with panache and everything about it is class and elegance. The soft brown colours have been accentuated by the use of different textures and patterns in creams. The ceiling-to-floor drapes further add a lovely charm to this place.

​Expansive bedroom

The abundance of space and all the modern amenities make this bedroom large, spacious, luxurious and stylish as well. The large wall opposite to the bed has been conveniently converted into a wall unit with space for collectibles and the TV.

​Luxurious swimming pool

Lovely half-finished wooden chairs combined with small patches of green lawns and apt lighting makes this the best part of the home. Relaxing in the swimming pool with parts of the ceiling open to the sky is the perfect way to unwind.How to design a perfect bedroom?

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