Project 3: modern Kitchen by Dream Touch

A modern home in south India designed by architects in Bangalore

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It does not require much to create an inspiring home. Apart from confirming that the colour palette matches, trying to add elements, fixtures and furniture that resonate with your taste and style will ensure that the home reflects elegance and sophistication. Here, the interior designers and decorators of DREAM TOUCH, Bangalore have put together a home that is modern, stays functional and looks attractive as well. Using great accents and adding beautiful lighting they have made this home chic and stylish.

Lovely interiors

One thing that sticks out is the use of subtle shades. It is not necessary to use bright colours or bold accents to make a home look stylish. Neutral shades can also contribute to creating a subtle yet sophisticated look. The modern aspect of this design is the use of a lovely space divider. The abstract design keeps it looking fun while the colour matches with the rest of the room.

Spacious kitchen

This large and generous space is more than perfect for the kitchen. By adding cabinets right up to the ceiling, the designers have made adequate space for storage. The walls and the cabinets have been matched perfectly to look like they belong to each other.

Great use of colour

This space is a perfect combination of two colours which not only match with each other but work well in the room as well. Using a mix of open shelves and closed ones, the designers have struck a balance between functionality and style. A long cabinet at the end of the kitchen makes space for electronic gadgets.

Classy and cute bedroom

Doing up a child’s room in all-white is a wonderful idea as it contributes the perfect look to this space. By combining it with brown, the designers have managed to bring some change in the look.  A fun clock adds colour and brightness to the room.

Extensive storage

Using space all around the window to create storage is a novel idea but using white to create a consistent and even look is perfect as this room looks balanced and chic at the same time.

Charming study desk

Using the same idea, the wardrobes has been extended into a study desk which works very well. Open ledges above it balance the design while creating just enough space for books and files.

Bright bedroom

If you are confused about the right look for a room, start with an accent wall. Here, the bright blue wall acts as the perfect focal point. Everything else has been designed around the wall and it works exceptionally well too.

Wonderful dresser

A simple dresser such as this not only saves floor space is functional too. The colour choice is perfect too as it works as a great contrast to the colours that have been used here.15 ideas to improve your Indian kitchen.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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