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6 kitchen shapes: which one fits your home?

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A kitchen is a very personal space. It's where you spend a lot of time not just cooking and eating, but sharing your day. Thus, it should be designed in a way that is most convenient to you. Cabinets, furniture, sinks, appliances, all of these things should be placed according to your convenience and most importantly the shape of the kitchen should be one that meets your needs and requirements. Are you wondering what alphabet of kitchen shape are you? Find your kitchen alphabet from these 6 kitchen shapes.

Lovely L

A lovely L shaped kitchen is one of the most common kitchen shapes. This kitchen shape is the King of convenience where the cabinets are placed on the longer side of the L shaped counter top, while the OTG, stove and sink are placed on the smaller side of the L. This way you get a lot of free counter space to work with. You can experiment a little bit and place the sink and OTG on the longer side too, like in the kitchen here designed by  TIKKANEN ARQUITETURA.

Incredible I

An I shaped kitchen is one where the cabinets, appliances and kitchen counter top are all on a single wall like in this incredible kitchen designed by GERMANO DE CASTRO PINHEIRO, LDA. It is the most basic kitchen shape which is best suited for compact homes and small families. It looks best in monochrome and such a kitchen can even fit into a single wall of the dining or living area.

Comfortable C

If you have a little more space at your disposal and have kids, you can opt for a comfortable C shaped kitchen like this one. There is ample space for a fridge, OTG and other appliances here, as well as plenty of storage cabinets both above and below the counter top. This kind of a kitchen is more spread out with the stove and sink on two different sides of the kitchen, and you can even opt for a cosy sofa on one side to read a book to your kids while the food is cooking.

Unbelievable U

Do you want to make the most of a narrow space, but also like to have a lot of free counter space at your disposal while cooking? Then opt for a U shaped kitchen like this one. This unbelievably compact yet useful kitchen, provides a lot of counter space because of its U shaped counter and a lot of storage area below it too. If you have a tiny oval space, you can opt for a U shaped kitchen like one.

Perfect P

If your kitchen is a rectangular space, you can opt for a perfect P shaped kitchen like the one here designed by PARISDINTERIEUR. A kitchen like this done up in pretty pastel colours and patterned tiles is perfect for a young couple. A shape like this also allows one to have a working area on one side, as well as a separate little dining area in the top most corner, and is thus suited for homes where there is no dining space.

Stunning S

Finally, those who want to stand out from the crowd, and need a minimal kitchen which they will use sparsely, can opt for a stunning S shaped kitchen like this one. It may not be very high on the convenience scale, but its beauty and unconventionality will definitely grab eye balls. Black granite counter tops, silver metal finish cabinets, a stove and a tiny coffee counter for one, will complement this bachelor's kitchen shape. If you need a little more colour in your kitchen, here are some colourful kitchen ideas for Indian homes.

Which shape suits you the best? Let us know in the comments below.
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