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What are the types of wooden doors at home?

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
by homify Modern
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Even though wood is a material with a centuries-old history in house construction, it’s charm remains undiminished even today. Many homeowners choose wood for the front doors and interior doors because it has unmatched style and sophistication, besides the ability to add a lovely natural element to the house. With uPVC, aluminium, steel and fiberglass gaining popularity over the years, as these materials are easier to maintain than wood, not everyone considers wood for the doors of the house. However, treating and coating the wood can make it a durable solution for interior or exterior doors.

Today, we look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using wooden doors to make it easier to decide on whether it is suitable for homes in India.

What are the advantages of wooden doors?

· Undoubtedly, a door made of wood adds beauty to the home. It’s one of the primary reasons that most home owners opt for wooden front doors to make the façade of the house stunning.

· Besides the various grains that one finds on natural wood, the material comes in several different tones, depending on the source. These include teak, oakwood, mahogany and rosewood, among others. Additionally, the material is versatile as one can make decorative carvings or add stains to match a range of design-styles.

· Solid wood doors are sturdy, thereby enhancing the security of the house.

· If one uses solid wood for the doors, it comes with the added benefit of insulation as it reduces external noises and increases energy savings since wood is a bad conductor of heat.

· One can custom make wooden doors to any size as it is incredibly easy to work with the material. Additionally, it’s easy to add glass panels within the frame.

· Although wood is prone to scratches on the surface, it’s easier to repair than steel or fiberglass doors if they develop dents.

Get design ideas from these pictures of wooden doors.

What are the disadvantages of wooden doors?

Tamhane Residence Interiors Modern style doors by Vangikar Architects Modern
Vangikar Architects

Tamhane Residence Interiors

Vangikar Architects

· While wood is a durable material, it requires a significant amount of maintenance. It’s essential to treat it so that it ages well and doesn’t absorb moisture as it can cause it to rot. Besides sealing the surface of wooden doors, one must also paint or coat it to protect it from moisture to prevent it from warping over time.

· It’s vital to repair cracks immediately to prevent moisture from seeping through the surface, resulting in the formation of fungus that could lead to decay.

· Wood is prone to insect attack from termites and other borers. Therefore, one should periodically repeat treatment to prevent insects from attacking the material and making holes in which they lay eggs. Otherwise, it can result in an infestation.

· Since wood is a dense material compared to uPVC and aluminium, the door can sag over time and may require replacement of the hardware and the frame.

· The most significant point that weighs against using wooden doors is their cost. It is more expensive that other materials such as uPVC and aluminium. Besides the initial installation cost, one needs to spend on its maintenance as well.

Wooden doors – are they suitable as front doors?

Since stylishness is of significance in the main entrance of a home, having solid wood front doors can seem like the ideal solution. However, it’s best to consider all the pros and cons before choosing it over other materials. Additionally, one should select the perfect design that suits the overall style of the house.

Safety is of primary importance for front doors, which makes wooden doors a perfect choice. However, some ready-to-install options may have hollow cores that are not secure as they can be broken down easily. It’s best to pick solid wood front doors that are at least 1¾ inches thick to ensure safety. Additionally, the door should have a high-quality lock to provide added protection. Make sure the hardware, such as the hinges, which support the door, are sturdy. Fixing a spy glass and a door chain are other precautionary measures that one can take to make a front door more secure.

professional carpenter can create a custom-made front door for the house.

What are the different designs of wooden doors for the front entrance?

Exterior doors come in a range of design options. The following list consists of the ones seen most commonly:

Solid wood doors: There’s a certain sophistication about the straight-lined design of a solid wood door at the entrance. It’s simple and can suit modern, minimalist or rustic-style homes. Wooden doors can come in paneled or flat versions. The former comprises several small panels recessed between frames inside the main outline. Panelled front doors might look better for colonial or classic style homes.

Double entry doors: The best way to make a memorable visual impact at the front entrance of a house is by installing double front doors. Whether they are plain wood or come with decorative glass panels, they are incredibly stylish.

Residential Project - NRI Complex, Navi Mumbai Modern style doors by Dezinebox Modern

Residential Project—NRI Complex, Navi Mumbai


Wooden front doors with glass: For those who don’t like the idea of a thick wood door blocking the natural light in the entrance hallway of the house, wood doors with glass panels are an ideal solution.

Get inspired by these wooden main doors.

Is there any difference in the structural composition of internal and external wooden doors?

Relaxing area Modern style doors by homify Modern

Relaxing area


On the surface, exterior and interior doors may appear similar, but their structural composition is significantly different. The doors inside a house needn’t be as secure as exterior wooden doors. Interior doors can be much thinner and as a result are cheaper than external ones. In fact, they can even have a hollow core as insulation is not as much of a priority as with exterior doors.

How much do wooden doors cost in India?

Residential Modern style doors by homify Modern



Door prices can vary depending upon the size, structure, quality of material and thickness, among other factors. Decorative doors with carvings or antique wooden doors are more expensive that ordinary solid or paneled ones. Certain types of wood are also costlier than others.

Wooden doors for the interiors: The average cost of a wood interior door is around INR 8500 per piece for a 7.5 feet high option. The price rises with the quality of wood as well as the decorative detailing on the door. A teak door can cost approximately INR 10,000, whereas one in rosewood may be around INR 13,000.

Solid wood front doors: Solid wood doors for the main entrance with at least 60 mm thickness can cost around INR 18000 on an average. Standard options are available for around INR 800 per square foot. This price can vary depending upon the size and the level of customisation. Beautifully carved double front doors made of wood can be as much as INR 80000 for the set. Glass panelled door prices can differ depending on the size and quality of the glass.

While any carpenter can craft a wooden door for the entrance, it’s advisable to use a reliable professional who comes with excellent references. It’s crucial that the front door has the required thickness and quality for the safety of your family. One can also find premium-quality readymade doors in solid wood, which are a convenient option for standard-size doorways. For ensuring that the design of the wooden front door matches the overall style of your house, it’s best to consult an interior designer. After all, one doesn’t want to compromise on the appearance of the home’s main entrance as it creates the first impression on visitors.

What style of wooden door would you pick for your home? Leave us a comment.
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