8 ideas to use tiles at home

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Whether adoring the walls or shining below your feet on the floor, tiles is an easy, cheap and trendy way to break the monotony of the space. In the process it stylishly enhances the functionality of the space and instantly adds to the classy feel of your home. Whether you love minimalist and the natural look and feel of stone or over-the-top classy and glossy porcelain to designer tiles, there are many options to choose from the eclectic collections of tiles available. Choosing the tiles is just a small part of the designing. The way the tiles are laid out and fixed is the major part and needs brainstorming. So as usual the professionals of Homify are here to make your work easy. Today we have come up with best layout options of tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, and floor or wherever you want it to be fixed. Layout makes a huge difference. Have a look!

​1. The brick style

European style Kitchen homify Modern kitchen

European style Kitchen


The subway style or what is more commonly known as brick pattern is a classic layout for tiles. In this style, each tile is typically placed by half a tile width, which results in a continuous pattern of long horizontal lines. It is a perfect style with rectangular tiles and can fit stylishly into any space, wall or floor. The brick style layout can also virtually widen the space and make it look long.

​Mix and matching with it colours

Show your style and opt for colours in brick style layout and make the space look chic and stylish. Contrasting colour with a geometric pattern will look more attractive.

​2. Brick on the floor

You can use the brick pattern and play with its layout to create an illusion of roominess in a compact space. Use the subway style tiles on floor when you want to stretch the length of a small kitchen or bathroom and make it look long and spacious.

​3. Oversize tiles

If you love a smooth seamless look in your space then opt for large oversize brick pattern tiles. Technically it is not much different than the standard brick pattern, but the virtual effect will be quite different. The effect can be best achieved in rich stone tiles which will appear as a continuous beauty covering the space with elan. If you want an unbroken, smooth and uninterrupted finishing in an area use oversize brick layout.

Oversize in natural stones for the rustic look

Low on maintenance and great on look; bring the nature home. 

​4. Stacked up tightly

Independent Bungalow - Mr. Modi, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Scandinavian style bathroom

Independent Bungalow—Mr. Modi


This style is for the one who wants to bring in Zen- like simplicity into the space. It’s a simple layout where the repetitive pattern of stacking up of the tiles one above the other in a compact manner results in a clean and neat look. The final result is quite modern in its approach and makes the space exotic.

​5. Mosaic pattern on the wall

Modular Kitchen - Baner DECOR DREAMS Kitchen units

Modular Kitchen—Baner


Though from the picture it may seem complex to you but in reality it is a simple pattern crafted to create a lively environment. Mosaic typically is small tiles in repeating shape, colours or patterns attached in small sheets to make it easy for installation. Usually it is a square of 1X1 inch. But you can find it in many patterns and colours.

​Install it judiciously

Blue Bathroom 2 homify Modern bathroom

Blue Bathroom 2


Mosaic tiles require heavy maintenance when exposed to moisture. Moisture and bathroom have a deep connection. So be careful when installing mosaic tiles in bathroom. Since it enhances the beauty of the space, you can use it to accentuate a particular area in your bathroom instead of covering whole wall with it.

​Decorate with it

Use it to decorate the breakfast of the kitchen and maintain the theme with the backsplash of the kitchen.

Anti-slippery floor in the shower zone

Mosaic tiles on the floor of the shower area creates a less slippery surface and acts as a protection for you. Mosaic tiles are a good contrast of large tiles and this mismatch will look great together. Beside you can use mosaic tiles anywhere where you want to highlight a specific space, on the shower floor, as backsplash in kitchen or in the lining to create a dramatic effect.

​6. Mattie weave

Concealed style kitchen homify Modern kitchen

Concealed style kitchen


It’s a larger version of mosaic tiles weaved with two shades of tiles in square shape that creates a pattern that resembles the weave we usually see on mats. The clean and crisp angular pattern of the tiles in regular shape and size repeating at regular interval create a dramatic finishing on the wall. If you want a serene version of mosaic tiles in the space go for it.

​7. Breaking the monotony

A colourful or designer tiles running in between the tiles is not there to just cut the monotony of the space and accentuate the area. It has a purpose to solve and it is there for a reason. When tiling a wall, it usually happens that the size of tiles does not fit into the space in its exact multiples. This leads to smaller pieces of tiles on the top and bottom. So the designers cam e up with an amazing idea and added their designer touch into the space. Instead of breaking the tiles from above and bottom, they added a layer of different tiles in the middle and keeping the rest of the tiles unbroken and of same size. 

Another design of breaking the monotony

The result is fascinating. Get inspired from the picture and create your own design.

​8. Contemporary and trendy

Modular Kitchen With Chimney and Platform Stove Enrich Interiors & Decors Modern kitchen Plywood Black
Enrich Interiors & Decors

Modular Kitchen With Chimney and Platform Stove

Enrich Interiors & Decors

Solid tiles, it’s trendy and is fast picking up the popularity. Although, the solid slab tiles are costlier than the normal tiles but it is worth investing for in your modern and compact kitchen. It looks open, inviting and can be created with one single material and colour for the counter and backsplash or in different colour too. It will add luxury into the space.

Solid style tiles in bathroom

Get ideas of different combination of tiles for your bathroom: 10 combinations of tiles that will look great in your bathroom

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