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What Vastu tips can I use to invite positive energy to my home?

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A perfect home should have the right type of energy within it. In India, many homeowners believe in Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian architectural system, which lays down guidelines based on the direction and location of each room or element inside the house. Using Vastu tips can influence the energy fields in an area and add positive vibes to a home. Whether one is constructing a new house or getting ready to occupy a ready-to-move-in one, it’s useful to understand the basics of Vastu Shastra for homes to create rooms with the ideal balance of energy.

Vastu tips for the entrance doorway

Residential Interior Projects:  Corridor & hallway by deZinebox

Residential Interior Projects


Most people look at the home’s entrance as the area where one welcomes guests. The main door of the house also invites energy into the interiors. Vastu recommends installing the main entrydoor in a place where one faces the north, east or north east when stepping out as these directions represent progress. While it’s essential to make the entrance of any home attractive as it creates the first impression, Vastu tips outline specific guidelines to follow to maximise the benefits of having the door facing in the right direction.

Residential Interior Projects:  Doors by deZinebox

Residential Interior Projects



- Ensure the main door is the largest among all the doors in the house.

- Natural wood is the ideal material for an entrance door.

- Illuminate and decorate the entrance to attract positive energy. Use elegant nameplates and torans as decoration for the main door.

- The door should open in the clockwise direction.

- Keep the area clean and dust-free.


- Avoid placing any water element, whether it’s a fountain or a mirror, outside the front door as it will reflect the energy and prevent it from entering the house. Similarly, if there‘s an interior wall opposite the front door, don’t install a mirror on it.

- Never choose black as the colour for a front door.

- Don’t keep shoe racks or dustbins near the main door.

- Avoid decorating the entrance area with statues of animals.

Consult a Vastu expert or interior designer for ideas on creating the perfect entrance.

Vastu tips for pooja rooms

SNN Raj Serenity, 2 BHK - Mr. Deepak:  Living room by DECOR DREAMS

SNN Raj Serenity, 2 BHK—Mr. Deepak


Meditation is essential for an individual’s personal growth, which is the reason that a home should have a pooja room. If one is adopting Vastu tips for homes, then the ideal place for the pooja room is in the northeast part of the house. Arrange the idols so that a person faces the east while praying. Images and statues of gods should be off the floor and preferably at eye level. Ensure that the idols are in perfect condition with no cracks or damages. Paint the pooja area in a soothing shade to maintain a tranquil ambiance for meditation.

Vastu tips for the living room

Indra hira bungalow:  Living room by Innerspace

Indra hira bungalow


A living room is the main activity centre in any home. Its where one entertains guests or spends time with the family. Therefore, the area needs to be well-designed and clutter-free to keep the ambiance pleasant. Ideally, the living room should be in the north, north east or east direction of the house. The northwest corner is also suitable in some cases. For a south-facing home, it’s fitting to have the entrance in the south east. For a person who loves to entertain, a main door in the south west can work as it ensures a steady flow of visitors to the house.

The Circular Courtyard House:  Living room by S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd.
S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd.

The Circular Courtyard House

S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd.

Some other Vastu tips to follow for living rooms are:

-  When decorating the living room, place any large pieces of furniture in the west or south-west direction.

-  Make the south east section the entertainment zone by installing the television and any other electronic appliances in this area.

-  If one is employing Vastu tips for money to increase one’s wealth and prosperity, then it’s advisable to place an aquarium in the east, north or north east part of the living room.

Get more tips on Vastu Shastra for living rooms.

Vastu tips for bedrooms

Rahaman's residence:  Bedroom by Sandarbh Design Studio
Sandarbh Design Studio

Rahaman's residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

The bedroom is the place where a couple spends the most of their time, Therefore, ensuring the right balance of energy within the room can have a positive effect on their relationship.

- One of the Vastu tips for good health is to place the bedroom in the south west part of the house.  When arranging the bed, avoid having the feet pointing towards the south as it can result in disturbed sleep and bad dreams.

- In a bedroom, don’t use any decoration or symbols that represent water as it can result in quarrels and outbursts.

- Use soothing colours and mood lighting to invite positive energy into the area.

- Never place a mirror or television in a spot where one can see one’s reflection when on the bed as this can affect health.

Vastu tips for kitchens

Kitchens are an integral part of any home, more so in modern residences where they are a part of the social space. Therefore, creating the right ambiance in the kitchen can spread the positive energy to nearby areas such as the dining room and living room.

Kitchen Render - Triple colour combo :  Kitchen by NVT Quality Build solution
NVT Quality Build solution

Kitchen Render—Triple colour combo

NVT Quality Build solution

Some easy or saral Vastu tips for kitchens are:

- When deciding on the placement of the stove in the kitchen, the south east is the preferred direction so that the person who is cooking faces east.

- Since the stove is a fire element, it should be away from the sink and taps.

- The south west is the recommended direction for the refrigerator, but it should never be in a corner. Avoid having it in the north east direction at all costs!

- Windows and exhaust fans represent the air element in a kitchen. Therefore, a kitchen must have at least a couple of windows and an exhaust fan. The best direction for them is in the east. However, if the kitchen has ventilators, then it’s all right to have it in the south.

- Appliances are an unavoidable part of any modern kitchen. The best place for them is in the north east direction.

- Ideally, one should design the kitchen so that the storage cabinets are on the southern or western walls.

The kitchen shouldn’t share a wall with a toilet or bathroom. Additionally, in a house or apartment with more than two floors, it should not be below a bath.

Get more ideas on using Vastu tips for designing the kitchen.

Vastu tips for bathrooms

Residence:  Bathroom by Designism



Toilets are the primary source of negative energy in a home, which makes it essential to design them as per Vastu guidelines to eliminate any defects that can cause health and financial issues. The north west is the best direction for bathrooms but avoid having them in the north west corner. The next best locations are the north east and south west (once again avoiding the corners in these directions). Close the toilet seat when it is not in use as this prevents negative energy from spreading through the adjoining areas. Fix leaky taps and faucets as soon as possible as they represent the draining of wealth from your house.

The challenge in employing Vastu tips is that one is never sure if all the elements are in the right direction. That’s why it’s advisable to consult a Vastu professional or an interior designer or architect with experience in designing Vastu-compliant homes. The advantage of using an expert is that they will advise you on Vastu remedies to employ for eliminating the adverse effects of doshas or defects.

Do you use Vastu Shastra for designing your home? Share your unique tips in the comments.
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