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Designing a home is not a rocket science… but then designing a house which you call your home needs something to be special. Isn’t it? Design is an art, which needs passion and an eye for excellence. Designing a home is a form of expression, expression of the personality of people dwelling in the home. There are a few common interior designing tips we all know and prefer to apply it in our home. But then few jobs are best done by the professionals, who understand the job and knows what’s best for the client. They can bring on the same result with minimal effort and may be in less cost too. Sometimes designers understand our requirements better than us and can make a great impact from simple changes or addition. Today we would like to introduce the works of talented Interior designers and decorators of Matter of Space Pvt. Ltd. of Gurugram. Have a look and take some inspiration from their work they did to make Delhi homes comfortable and amazingly beautiful.

​1. The first impression

The first impression matters! Living room is the face of our home and we all thrive to make it look and feel amazing to leave an impression. Integrating space is trendy and makes the social area feel spacious. Light colour on the walls, furniture and furnishing and even on the floor is enhancing the beauty and roominess of the room. A few green plants randomly placed in the room is adding colour to the space. And then there is an oversize clock, the center of attraction in this attractive room.

​2. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Small room has the tendency to feel cramped. Mirror is an age old hack used by designers to make the small room look large. But when it is the living room then you need to be imaginative when using mirror. Instead of putting on just any mirror, create a collage of mirror and use it decorate the wall.

​3. Divided by partition united by beauty

Designer paper on the wall unites the space divided symbolically by the partition defining the area. Spot lights and lights from hidden source are increasing the cool quotient of the space.

​4. Playing with lights and shadows

Even a simple lighting can make great impact in simplest of space. Light up the ceiling and wall and watch light and shadow playing in the space weaving magic before your eyes.

5. Magical monochrome

It’s modern and chic and above all the magic of monochrome is simple and elegant. A touch of gold is adding richness and turning it into a classy space where you can welcome your guests with pride.

​6. Serenity of pooja space

In modern homes where space limitation has become quite common we look forward to integrating space but without compromising in style. Here the pooja space is integrated with dining room. The serenity of the pooja space has engulfed the whole space to make it look peacefully pious.

​7. Food factory of the home

A well built and comfortable kitchen in the shape of L with sufficient storage space to keep it organized; life in kitchen will become convenient and simple.

​8. Gadget garage

Planning will increase your efficiency, which means less time in kitchen and more with family. Dedicate a wall in your kitchen for gadgets; all parked together so that you don’t have to rush from one point to another.

​9. Welcome home the brightness

Make space for windows and let it flood your home with nature and natural lights. And to brighten your evenings, romance with elegant lamps and lights emancipating from false ceilings.

​10. Say it through wall

Let the wall of the room name the room. Allow the kids of the home to select the design of the wall. It is the memory they will cherish forever.

11. Be bold in black

The magic of black and white will never fade. Be bold and select one for your room. Complement it with right accessories and lighting; it will look stunning.

12. Elegance in simplicity

Simple wooden bed, simple nightstand, simple lamps on the nightstand, two bean bags, three symmetrical paintings on the wall, graphical representation of the wall all in the shade of blue; the elegance of this space is in its simplicity.

​13. Strumming the youthful vibe

The youthful vibe of the room declares whom it belongs to. Elongated study table for some extra space, the love for music evident from the instruments and wall paintings and then the light tone of the room; everything is perfectly coordinated.

​14. Moving with the space

With artificial wood you can twist and turn it to make it fit into any space moving with it to make a perfect shelf for your library in any tricky corner of your home. Unconventional shape will raise curiosity. Be ready to receive accolades.

​15. Meshing with it

Partition the space but in style and without a wall. Partition the space but without blocking it completely. It will make the space feel roomy and interesting.

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