Rahaman's residence:  Garden by Sandarbh Design Studio

What are some easy home garden ideas I can use?

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Garden design basically involves making plans for the layout of plants and putting together a harmonious arrangement of plants in a border, but it's also much more than that. It is an art form which includes landscaping and decorating. Garden design ideas are the seeds which are needed to create and maintain a small piece of nature's paradise in our homes. Other than adding aesthetic value to the home, gardens also offer us a tranquil space to relax and rejuvenate. Nature has a magical way of calming our nerves and it improves the air quality in our environment as well, making us breathe easier and rest better too. 

This idea book will reveal some of the best home garden design ideas, and inspiration for front yards, backyards, indoor spaces, balconies, patios and terraces. The home garden design ideas here range from how to arrange plants in the garden, landscaping, paving a garden pathway, small garden designs and the most suitable plants for home gardens. There is an idea for a variety of budgets and tastes here. 

One of the most important factors to consider before planning the garden design is the location, soil and climate. Certain landscapes such as steep slopes, outcrops and vistas may influence the layout and design of the garden. The context of the location is also important—as in whether it is in the city or countryside. The type of soil is another factor that will have an affect on how well certain plants grow. Last but not least, consider the climate and micro-climate of the location chosen for the garden. 

Home and garden

Saravan - The Singh's residence:  Garden by Sandarbh Design Studio
Sandarbh Design Studio

Saravan—The Singh's residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

A home without a garden to dress it up will look bare and lifeless. However even the dullest exteriors can be beautified with a few plants in the garden. One does not necessarily need to be an avid gardener to create a beautiful home and garden. In many parts of India, plants can be grown all year around, hence a lush green garden is not difficult to maintain. The trick is to find the most suitable plants for the local climate. A popular landscaping plant used in Indian homes is bougainvillea as it grows relatively fast and produces pretty and plentiful blooms. Bougainvillea can grow up to tree size, but the best part is that it is also a creeper, thus it can cover quite a lot of space in the garden or outside the home. The only disadvantage of this plant is that it can grow quite wild and it's not easy to trim as it has thorny branches. Another alternative is to opt for compact climbers like jasmine as it is an excellent container plant. Basically compact climbers will need a pot with good drainage and a trellis to climb on. 

Garden design principles

Just like any art form, garden design also comes with a set of principles to follow. The first principle is style. Start by considering the space set out for the garden and the style of the house. The objective is to avoid elements which look awkward in combination. This brings us to our next principal, flow. It is important for the garden design to have flow or continuity in design as it makes it more visually pleasing. This can be done by using the same plants, garden planters or garden pots in a certain pattern of rhythm and order. The repetition is meant to create flow and variation in the garden design and not to make it look monotonous. Repeating certain colours is another way to create a pleasing rhythm and flow, but always leave some space for the unexpected. 

Another important principal is scale, which is all about proportions and how sizes and shapes can be combined together harmoniously. For example a small tree in the middle of a large garden will look quite weird and out of proportion. This leads us to the next principal, which is symmetry and balance. While symmetrical gardens are naturally more attractive because they are well balanced, they can sometimes look too manicured and artificial. The trick is to add in a surprise element to throw off the perfect symmetry a bit. 

Home garden design ideas

Although garden design is heavily influenced by its boundaries, it can also soften or widen existing boundaries. Boundaries can also help to divide a garden into different areas—the main types are hedges, walls and fences. Depending on the style of the garden and purpose of the boundary, the design of the hedge, wall or fence may vary. There are several reasons people create boundaries in their gardens such as to provide privacy, to hide unattractive views or to protect the garden from strong winds. The perfect size for a garden bed border is one meter or more in depth as it will allow enough space to place smaller plants at the front and taller ones at the back. 


Kannan - Sonali and Gaurav's residence:  Front yard by Sandarbh Design Studio
Sandarbh Design Studio

Kannan—Sonali and Gaurav's residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

Landscaping is a part of garden design and there are two main laws to follow—the law of significant enclosure and the law of the regulating line. Gardens are gardens because they are enclosures, so that means in order to create the perfect garden, it has to feel like an enclosed space. According to the law of significant enclosure, an enclosed space is created when the vertical edge of a space is at least one-third the length of the horizontal space.   

The law of the regulating line refers to the concept that an element of architecture (e.g. window frames) or a distinctive landscape feature (steep slope) can “create” an imaginary line that helps connect and organize the design. 

The pattern the paving is laid and its colour are also an important part of landscaping. For example, for a French country look, grey or white stone in a random pattern is suitable. The paving should also be coordinated with the plants. Grey or white stone looks great with purple and white blooms.

Small garden designs

Rahaman's residence:  Garden by Sandarbh Design Studio
Sandarbh Design Studio

Rahaman's residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

Small garden designs can include a vegetable garden as well if planned out properly. One way is to grow creepers which grow vertically and position a trellis behind ever plant. Also make use of hedges, wall and fences to grow plants and save space. Placing some curves in the garden paths can make the garden seem larger than it is. For more ideas, please refer to our articles titled make the most of your small garden and grow garden vegetables in small spaces.

Interior home garden ideas

Residential Interior Projects:  Garden by deZinebox

Residential Interior Projects


Indoor plants can improve the quality of air in the home and create a more holistic environment. Garden planters and garden pots are the best way to go about interior home gardens. They can also be hanged or stacked up vertically to save space. For an interior home garden, it's important to keep the plant's mature size and growth rate in mind when choosing plants for containers or pots. The most ideal plants for container gardening are low growers that maintain a small and compact shape.

It is also a good idea to combine several small plants together in one garden pot like how one would do with a terrarium. It's a great way of creating a garden of various colours and textures in a small space. Here's how to create a small interior garden in unused spaces of your house. For more information, please also read 6 tips to create a beautiful interior garden.

Balcony garden

For city-dwellers fortunate enough to have access to a balcony or terrace, make use of it by adding garden planters and garden pots with colourful flowers. The wall space can also be used to hang plants or grow creepers. Here are 6 common mistakes to avoid in the balcony garden.

Home garden plants

Glastres Greens:  Garden by Glastres Greens
Glastres Greens

Glastres Greens

Glastres Greens

The most ideal garden plants for the home are the ones that are suitable for the climate and soil. However, if low-maintenance plants are the choice—the best are succulents and cacti as they do not require much watering, but make sure to place them in a sunny spot. For people with greener thumbs, the best indoor palms are kentia palm, sentry palm, lady palm and parlor palm. 

We hope the ideas here have been inspiring. For more ideas like these, please have a look at 10 ideas to fix your garden with less than 3000 INR.

Which garden design ideas do you like best? 
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