8 house plans you need to see before designing yours

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Owning a home is a dream comes true! But planning and designing your dream home needs a lot of hard work. Architects and professionals can prepare a sketch of your future home, but it is you who are the best to judge whether they have comprehended your dream into reality or not. Architectural designs are the first step in house planning. A complete sketch of home gives you an idea about the floor planning, the rooms, doors and windows, walls… or in short it is the design of your future home on paper. The benefit of it is that you can add or subtract, change or modulate it right there before the construction begins. It will save lots of future hassle and money.

Today we have brought for you 8 house planning ideas for you to see before you visit a professional. Armed with a little knowledge, when you meet the professional you will be having a rough idea and more clarity about what you want in your future home. Have a look!

​3-D Visualization of your home

The advancement in technology and revolution in home designing has now brought for you the 3-D visual of your home. Ask your architect to show you the 3-D visual of your home which will make your future home look realistic and clearer than line drawings.

​1. Typical floor planning

A typical floor planning will show you the location of each and every room with its dimensions, doors, windows, wall, and balcony and also where the furniture could be placed.

​2. A house with two balconies

This house boast of two balconies, one in the front attached with living room and the other one on the opposite attached with master bedroom. With house plan in front of you, it depends on you whether you want the bedroom to open in the front balcony or not.

​3. Spacious two bedroom home

The bedroom is spacious enough to make room for dressers and relatively large bathroom in this house with two bedrooms, hall and a kitchen. A garden can be planned in the balconies right from the initial stage.

​4. Two floor house

In a duplex house, there are two floors to plan. The ground floor which usually house the living room, dining room, kitchen, a toilet and then staircase to connect the floors.

​The upper floor

The first floor of this small house has utilized the space judiciously. There are two bedrooms with attached toilets and balconies.

​5. Single bedroom spacious home

This is a spacious single bedroom home for young couple who love there space. It is lavishly designed with lots of open space. Fewer walls create more space for free movement and make it look and feel roomy. Complete with built-in wardrobe, bathtub and spacious balcony, it’s pure luxury.

​6. Sharing the wall for cabinets

The two bedrooms of the house are designed so that it shares a wall for the cabinets. Apart from the common wall for cabinets, this house also has a common toilet to share. The integrated social area and kitchen is quite trendy and modern in its approach.

​7. A spacious home

This is a spacious four bedroom house with balcony attached with three bedrooms and living space. One bedroom is small without an attached toilet which can be used as study.

​8. Concept and design approach

A professional will always want to know your concept about your home. Their design approach will then based up on your concept and visualization. Be clear about what you want and how you want your home to look and feel from outside as well as inside. The result will surely match your dream then.

Get more ideas of house planning by these 3D design visuals: 3D visualization of floor plan layouts

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