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Give your bar cart a new lease of life

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Homes are changing and so is the furniture in the homes. A bar cart is an old fashioned trolley where you can store alcohol and other drinks and also move it around to serve your guests. But what if you upgrade to a bigger bar, or opt for a shelf bar which is very popular these days in compact homes, or you decide to go off alcohol all together? What do you do with a bar cart then? Don't worry, you needn't throw away a beautiful piece of furniture because we can always find other practical uses for it. Here are 6 ideas to give your bar cart a new lease of life.

Plant holder

Do you have an old worn out bar cart, probably with rusted faulty wheels and don't know what do with it? Well don't throw it away, reuse an old bar cart like that as a plant holder. Be it in your garden or a corner of your balcony, you can always keep some plants or even grow some plants in the bar cart itself and do some creative container gardening. 

Bed side table

Another simple way to use an old bar cart is to turn it into a bedside table. The shelves of the bar cart can be used for storing things, while on the top you can place a lamp, medicines or whatever else you may need in the middle of the night. A simple wooden bar cart like this one designed by MADEVA HOLZLIEBE will fit in a rustic, country or even a modern style bedroom.

Books and bottles

If you want to store some alcohol in your bar cart, but also want to utilize it as something more, you can always store some books and magazines in it along with a few bottles of alcohol or wine. Place it in corner of your living room and you an your guests will have a handy bar cart as well as a bookshelf.

Bathroom trolley

Another way to use an old unused bar cart is in the bathroom. Use your bar cart as a bathroom trolley where you can store toiletries, towels and much more. Unless your bar cart is made primarily of plastic, keep it in a corner where it will not get splattered too much with water.

Coffee bar in kitchen

An old bar can also be used to store tea, coffee or even spices in it in the kitchen. And not just for storage, if your bar cart is high enough you can use it as a counter in the kitchen for having your morning tea or coffee, or even as a breakfast table. If you have an elaborate old bar cart like this one then you can use it as a portable tray for serving guests food and other beverages too.

Office cabinet for suplies

Finally, not just in your home, you can reuse your bar cart at your work place too. Be it as a storage unit for office supplies at work, or as a stationary and file cabinet in your study where you work from home, an old bar cart can get a completely new function in many ways. If you are looking to give not just your bar cart but even your home a new makeover, here are a few simple ways to do it with carpets and curtains.

Which idea did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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