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The Ideal Dressing Room for Everyone!

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We have all seen in magazines the amazing homes of the rich and famous. The houses with what seems like an infinite number of bathrooms and bedrooms, all decorated with the most modern décor and features. One of the most impressive rooms in these houses are the dressing rooms. These rooms are like something from our wildest dreams and fantasies, the rows and rows of shoes, running as far as they eye can see. The racks packed with dresses of all the colours of the rainbow. There is usually the most elegant lighting to ensure the most flattering presentation in the large stylish mirrors that sit in a prominent place in the room. And when the choice of clothes has overwhelmed you, there is a beautiful chair to rest in while you consider which pair of shoes to wear for the day. This image does not have to remain in your imagination, make it a reality. You only need a bit of organization and some clever tricks. homify has found how to get your best dressing room ever.

Spacious Wardrobe

One of the biggest advantages of having a dressing room is the spaciousness. Cramming clothes into a tiny wardrobe will be a thing of the past. With a dressing room you have the benefit of spaciousness, allowing you to spread your clothes over a wider area. Another advantage a dressing room has over a wardrobe is the lack of doors, without doors you are able to see all your clothes at once, making the decision of what to wear in any situation that little bit easier. With this spaciousness you can arrange your clothes according to your specific liking. You may like to organise your wardrobe according to colour, or style or purpose, either way a dressing room gives you the space and freedom to arrange your space any way you choose. This dressing room was designed by DeinShrank.

Shelf for Shoes

For many people, it is the shoes that take up a considerable amount of space in their wardrobes. By converting to a dressing room, these shoes can be accounted for in the design. If you have a significant number of shoes that never seem to fit anywhere, a dressing room can accommodate this. Many dressing room have shelves installed specifically for shoes. These are arranged in rows to ensure the individual pairs can be seen easily and remain off the floor. This is a good way to make sure they are kept in the best condition. There are also options of drawers that slide out to reveal several pairs of shoes. This is a good option for those who have a smaller dressing room.

Special Baskets

One of the biggest benefits of having a dressing room is the ability to be completely organised  Dressing rooms give you the space to be able to have a specific area for every single piece of clothing. There is no longer any excuse not to be completely organized. It is often the smaller items that can make a completely organized and tidy dressing room appear messy and unorganized. There are however, solutions for this. Consider using a series of baskets or boxes to contain these items. If placed on an upper shelf of the dressing room, these boxes or baskets can create a theme in the room. It is also a good place to hold miscellaneous items such as belts, scarves or woollen hats.


A good mirror is one of the most important additions to a dressing room. A mirror is the way we assess our presentation before we leave the house. It is important that we choose the right mirror. There are a number of considerations we need to make when choosing a mirror; the size, the lighting upon the mirror and the positioning. Ensure that your mirror is large enough to give you a full length view of yourself and a close up of your face. You may need two mirrors if one will not suit both purposes. Ensure that the lighting in the room allows you to see yourself properly in the mirror, if the light is behind you when you look in the mirror, you will not see yourself properly. Finally ensure that the position of the mirror is correct. You will need to be able to stand back enough to be able to see your full length reflection.

Good Lighting

Good lighting in one of the most underrated aspects of dressing room design. The lighting of a dressing room has two important functions; it must create an atmosphere of calm and retreat, as well as providing a functional light for the purpose of dressing and reviewing your appearance. It can be tricky to create a lighting plan that will satisfy both of these functions. Consider using both atmospheric lights to create the overall general lighting and ambience and task lighting for reviewing your appearance in the mirror. This should be place in a strategic location to allow the best refection of yourself when looking in your full length mirror. This dressing room was designed by Cabinet Schranksysteme.

Seat or Chair

The final touches on an amazing dressing room is the chair. A chair is often forgotten in a dressing room, as some people do not consider it a requirement, although a chair is important for more functional tasks such as putting on shoes, stockings or even painting your nails. A chair in a dressing room can also serve as an additional function as an aesthetic touch, finalising the décor to create a truly luxurious room. Consider creating a princess like theme in your dressing room by including a silk chair, or a chaise lounge to create a completely extravagant space. When choosing a chair for your dressing room, keep in mind the style and décor of the rest of the room, and the rest of the house. Consider matching a chair with one that is in the main part of the bedroom.

A dressing room is a wonderful space to have in any house. It has many advantages over a simple wardrobe. The spaciousness allows you to become fully organised, as there is space for everything and everything has a space. There are several things that are important to include in your dressing room to make it a truly luxurious space; ensure there is plenty of space, include a shelf or shelf drawer for shoes, include baskets for small items, ensure you have an attractive and functional mirror, include effective and attractive lighting and ensure you have a chair that matches the style and colour of the space. In this way you will have a wonderful and stylish dressing room that all your friends will envy. For more inspiration see Dressing Room Inspiration.

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