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14 wooden furniture designs from Indian homes

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Furniture made out of wood has always been popular. In the olden days, actually there was not much choice but wooden furniture. However even now that many other materials can be used to make furniture, wood still remains one of the most popular choices. The reason for this choice will be evident later on in this article. 

Although this article serves to showcase an inspiring wooden furniture design catalogue, it also serves to provide information on the different types of wood furniture in India, the most common type of wood furniture in India, types of teak wood in India and other types of wood furniture available in India. Wooden furniture design for the living room and bedroom will be the main focus here. We hope this article will help readers make better purchasing decisions when it comes to wooden furniture. 

1. What are the different types of wood furniture in India?

Saravan - The Singh's residence:  Terrace by Sandarbh Design Studio
Sandarbh Design Studio

Saravan—The Singh's residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

When it comes to wood furniture in India, there are basically 3 types—solid wood, engineered wood and veneered wood. Out of these 3, solid wood is the most sought after because it is deemed to be of the highest quality. Solid wood is seen as superior because it has no hollow spaces in its composition, making it the most dense and durable material that can be used for furniture. However solid wood can be very expensive, mainly due to its high demand which is leading to deforestation all over the world. 

Engineered wood

Aggarwal Residence:  Corridor & hallway by groupDCA

Aggarwal Residence


An excellent alternative to solid wood is engineered wood or composite wood, which is manufactured by using heat and pressure to combine fibers of various type of wood. It is also a very durable material which is commonly used for making cost-effective furniture. For more inspiration, here are 8 creative ways to use wooden furniture design in your living room.

Veneered wood

Khar Residence:  Bedroom by SM Studio
SM Studio

Khar Residence

SM Studio

Basically veneered wood is a thin layer of solid wood attached to engineered wood below. The solid wood layer gives the furniture an elegant finish with real wood grains, while the composite wood below makes it more affordable without compromising too much on durability. 

For more ideas, here are 25 pictures of wooden furniture for Indian households.

2. What is the most common type of solid wood furniture in India?

The most common type of wood used for making furniture in India is teak wood. Although it is produced locally in Kerala, it is still imported from Ghana and Burma due to the high demand. Teak wood is a hardwood timber which is super durable and fire-resistant. It is also easy to work with, polish and will not be damaged by white ants. 

Teak wood can be used for outdoor furniture as well as for indoor furniture. It is an excellent material to make wardrobes and beds. Aesthetically, teak wood is also superior as it has a unique grain and a smooth texture. 

3. Types of teak wood in India

Interior Decoration in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune:  Bedroom by Bro4u Online Services Pvt Ltd
Bro4u Online Services Pvt Ltd

Interior Decoration in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune

Bro4u Online Services Pvt Ltd

There are various types of teak wood available in in the Indian market—Nilambur teak wood, Adilabad teak wood, Central Province teak wood, Dandeli teak wood, Nagpur teak wood and Paratwada teak wood. Other types of teak wood are imported from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Columbia and Ghana. 

Nilambur teak wood which is produced in Kerala is also known as Malabar teak. It is a very tall and large tree that has a lovely golden brown colour with straight grains. It is also highly durable and is not attacked by termites. 

Adilabad teak wood comes from a district in Andhra Pradesh with the same name. It has a smooth texture and attractive coloured wood. 

Central Province teak wood originates from Madhya Pradesh. It has a deep colour and close grain. 

Dandeli teak wood is grown in North Karnataka and is has a gorgeous dark brown colour. Th grains are irregular and spiral. It is also rich in oil and contains several minerals. 

Nagpur teak wood grown in Nagpur is a common type of wood for making furniture. On the other hand, Paratwada teak from Maharashtra is one of the largest suppliers of teak wood in Asia. 

4. Other types of wood furniture in India

Other than teak wood, there are various types of natural solid wood which is ideal for wooden furniture. One such alternative is rosewood, also known as sheesham or tali, which is grown in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. It is a close-grained wood that is usually used to make wooden sofas and cupboards. It is just as expensive as teak wood but offers the same durability and is not vulnerable to attacks from termites. 

Cedar wood

Classic Revive - Prestige Oasis:  Corridor & hallway by KRIYA LIVING

Classic Revive—Prestige Oasis


Cedar wood or Marandi is a great option to make decorative wooden furniture such as trunks. The benefits of using this type of wood is that it requires minimum maintenance and is aesthetically appealing. Cedar is known for its pleasing aroma, uniform texture and reddish-rust color. It is also quite resistant to decay from ants and termites. The only drawback is that it's mostly imported from Malaysia.

Sal wood

Residence:  Corridor & hallway by Designism



Sal wood is grown in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and Odisha. It is an excellent water-resistant wood which is usually used for building ships and bridges, so it is a good material for outdoor furniture. Although it is difficult to give it a smooth, polished finish, it is extremely durable and termite resistant too. 

Satin wood

APPLE POOL VILLA:  Bedroom by The Designs
The Designs


The Designs

Satin wood is the best option for vintage wooden furniture because it has a polished finish. However, it's very high maintenance and is increasingly harder to find in India and other parts of the world. Therefore it is also one of the most expensive types of wood.


Apartment on Sarjapur Road:  Bedroom by ACE INTERIORS

Apartment on Sarjapur Road


Walnut has a rich brown colour and fine texture which makes it aesthetically appealing. It is also highly durable and long-lasting and therefore ideal for making furniture such as beds and coffee tables. The trees mainly grow in Kashmir.


Neanpeanse Road, Mumbai:  Bedroom by DesignTechSolutions

Neanpeanse Road, Mumbai


It has a lovely cherry red colour which ranges from deep shades of red to brown. Cherry comes from hilly regions like Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir and is a close-grained wood which is easy to work with. It's great for making almirahs, wardrobes and beds. 


Kids Bedroom:  Bedroom by Urban Shaastra
Urban Shaastra

Kids Bedroom

Urban Shaastra

It's appeal lies in its bronze colour and close grains which take very well to staining and polishing. Acacia is an ideal and durable material for indoor furniture which mainly comes from West Bengal. 


Residential:  Bedroom by Designism



Mango wood is grown all over India. Although it's a strong hardwood, it is lighter than other types of wood. The appeal of Mango wood lies in its unique grains which has several tones and colours that range from light tan shades to dark brown with hints of green or light pink. However, it is very important to protect this type of wood with a cover of paint. Please refer to our article titled how to paint wooden furniture for more information. 


Pine wood is heavy, yet relatively soft and not as durable as other types of wood. The advantage is that it's easier to shape and make patterns with. It has a coarse grain which is great for the more rustic look. Pine wood is mainly found in the western Himalayas. 

We hope this article has been informative. For more ideas like these, please also browse through 15 pictures of wooden furniture that you need at home.

Which wooden furniture design do you like best? 
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