8 interior design ideas inspired by architects in Bangalore

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homify Asian style living room
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Inspiring and unique ideas are wonderful as they are pleasure to look at and easy to live with. Interior designers and decorators of BRO4U are the creators of these outstanding designs which are exemplary in their designs yet are comfortable and functional considering their everyday use. Perfect mix of colours and textures gives rise to rooms that are attractive, well-designed and stylish.

​Compact kitchen

Even small spaces can be designed so it does not look cramped. Here, this nice little kitchen has everything you would need in a modern space. The dark tones on the wall have been contrasted well by using lighter laminates for the cabinets and drawers.

​Cozy living room

An interesting choice of furnishings and space management has allowed the designers to create this room which is not only cozy but is also inviting and comfortable. The tall lampshade in a contrasting colour provides a burst of colour. Using mantels in Indian homes is unusual yet creates a wonderfully homely and warm look to this space. Bookshelves around the mantel is an exceptional use of the available space.

​Large living cum dining space

This is a great way to have differentiated spaces without really diving them with walls or separators. Here, despite the rooms being in one large area, there is a clear demarcation in the spaces allowing you to design accordingly. The large sofa and the dining area do not seem clash with each other in terms of design or colour.

​Ornate room

If you love ornate or antique elements in your home, then this room is a perfect example of combining old and antiquated furniture with a wooden flooring that combines the perfect shades and colours to project the right look.

​Formal study

This is a good study room and wonderful room to work in. The large, clean and clutter-free desk shines and is a perfect addition to this room. The bookshelf is modest yet contemporary in its look.

​Serene and calm space

This creative and bright space is everything you would want in a work area. The bright blue allows you to work in a serene atmosphere while reminding you of the calm seas and the raw, unfinished look of the desk is complemented by the steel look of the lights that hang low.

​Classic style for this bathroom

This bathroom is perfect in its fixtures and the colour combination that has been used. A clean and clutter-free look has been achieved thanks to the white fittings that have been combined with the dark colour of wood and the lighter shade of the wall tiles.

​Cheerful bathroom

It is possible to combine other colours in a bathroom and it's as easy as adding accents in the right shades. Towels and curtains are the best way to add vibrancy and brightness to your bathroom.6 simple bathroom cleaning tips.

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