Italian Country Style for Indian homes

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Italians like Indians have a strong sense of family, a diverse range of spicy food and hot summers. Their decor style thus is quite apt for Indian homes. Particularly Indian country homes as an Italian Country style home is both rustic and stylish, colourful yet classy. If you have a farmhouse on the outskirts of a city or a big home, you can incorporate the beauty of the Italian country style in your home. Here are some ideas to help you do that.

The typical courtyard

The old fashioned Indian homes always had a courtyard in the centre and so do the Italian country homes. Turn your Indian courtyard into a typical Italian country style courtyard by opting for a stone or brick flooring with a rough, uneven surface and unpainted bare brick walls around. A big wooden bench with comfortable chairs, and a few potted plants will complete the Italian country style decor of your courtyard.

Under the vine pergola

A vine pergola is a quintessential part of an Italian home, it is a shaded structure in the garden which is covered with ivy and wines. It can be a walkway like this one, or be a sitting area. You can easily make a vine pergola in your garden with a  series of wooden pillars that support wooden cross-beams with a open lattice and cover it with plenty of vines. You can even opt for a more rustic pergola and forego the vines and use straw thatch or a similar material instead to create a more comfortable sitting area in your garden.

The horizontal flat roof

Italian country homes mostly have horizontal flat roofs and are painted white from outside to keep the homes cooler during the day. This will work wonderfully in most Indian cities as unbearably hot summers are a trademark of India. But to give your home a further Italian quality, paint some decals on the outside walls and opt for Mediterranean style wooden doors and windows, in rounded frames and bright colours like teal, blue and green.

The Mediterranean style

You can continue with the Mediterranean style inside the home too. Be it wooden beams on the ceiling, rustic wooden furniture, stone walls painted white or cream with a stone floor like in the room here designed by STUDIO ATHESIS, or limestone walls with a patterned tiled floor, there many things you can incorporate in your home to make it look more Mediterranean.

Vibrant colours

Italian country style decor is not just about white, wood and stone, bright colours too form an integral part of it. Be it a bright orange clay or cement stairway, a sea green wooden ceiling, or red cushions on a pure white couch, colours seep into a Italian country style home and make it look more vibrant. And you can add a touch of vibrant colours in your home too, to give it a more Italian country style feel.

The perfect landscape

A perfectly landscaped garden is a pride of most Italian country homes. Thus, your home will not truly look moulded in Italian country style unless you have a perfect garden with neatly trimmed plants, well maintained trees and perfectly manicured grass. Italian country homes often have a neat pebbled walkway, or a fountain in their gardens and you can add these touches to your garden to give it an Italian country feel. Here are 6 ideas that will help you have a beautiful garden with minimum effort.

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