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Turning dreams into a reality, the professionals of Creative Geometry from Bangalore are working as a team since 1979 to make the homes beautiful and comfortable. The uniqueness of their style lies in simplicity and creative functionality. They first try to know the customer, understand their requirement and then deliver the product that matches their desires. Today we have brought for you 12 simple and elegant bedrooms designed by the professionals of Creative Geometry. Have a look to appreciate and admire the modern designs which can be easily be adapted and adopted in your home!

​1. A room with a view

A room dominated by pristine white on walls, ceilings and even the lamps and furniture and then a concrete wall replaced by large glass windows; this is a room with a view to enjoy when the first light of sunrays will fall on the bed waking you up from your dreams.

​2. A long leisurely walk

The length of the room is utilized to make it look spacious leaving sufficient space to move around. The walk-in cupboard is camouflaged by the open shelves used as an exhibit. Once again a concrete wall is replaced by wall to wall glass window for unobstructed view and to welcome natural energy and freshness inside.

​3. Different texture and shade of wood

Wooden bed with drawers and nightstand fits perfectly on the wooden floor spreading the warmth and elegance in this simple bedroom. Sophisticated headboard and shiny cupboard with sliding doors is modern and chic.

​4. Illuminated for lazy moments

Wall mounted lamps near the headboard and one on the wall facing towards ceiling is illuminating the room just enough for some romantic time with loved ones or alone in the comfort of the bedroom.

​5. Traditional meets contemporary

Narang Apartment : Mr. Abhilash Baldota: mediterranean Bedroom by Creative Geometry
Creative Geometry

Narang Apartment : Mr. Abhilash Baldota

Creative Geometry

Niches on the wall are quite traditional but here it fits perfectly in this trendy bedroom. Wall to wall cabinet and an elaborate bed forms the perfect furniture of this large bedroom. Nightstand stretches on one side to create more space for books and photos and on the other side it becomes the dressing table with long mirror fixed on the wall.

​6. Accentuating colours

Dark wooden floor is harmonized by the cool shade of mauve on false ceiling. The shade of wood selected for the furniture of the bedroom accentuates the colours around it. Décor is kept simple with just two artefacts adorning the nightstand.

​7. Reflection on the mirror

Mirror on the wall or bedroom cupboard, it’s a simple hack to make a small space look spacious. However, here it is also used to reflect and enhance the beauty of room. Large window on the opposite side of mirror will bring outside in.

​8. Colour coordinated furniture

Bed and cupboards, these are the two main furniture of any bedroom. But the children of the home will also need a study table too. The splash of yellow against white and wood and yellow bedspread is giving this room a youthful vibrancy.

​9. Delicately classy

Once again a room dominated by wood and wooden colour but the monotony of wood is broken by the pink on the cupboard doors. Mirror is fixed where the cupboard ends thus reflecting the colour and virtually extending the space to make it look roomy. The splash of vibrancy is also added through duvet and cushions on the bed.

10. Pastel, the shade of romance

The shades of pastel all over the room in combination of wooden flooring create a serene bedroom for peaceful time in the comfort of bedroom.

​11. Peacefully calm

The combination of beige and cream is very apt for bedroom. It is peaceful combination that soothes and calms the mind and soul. With soft lighting and a touch of romantic colour in flowers and bedspread, it is rejuvenating and relaxing.

​12. Mystic and mysterious

The strategically light on the concrete wall and boxes of wooden shelves creating a chaos on the opposite wall looks modern and feels youthful. As far as the colour grey is concerned, it is trendy.

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